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    What is new in the new version

    Hello, I keep updating my Inventory database that is already go live. My question is where can I store the information of each version. I do not want to keep in in the table, but just somewhere in the software that just the developer that can access it and know the information Thank you. Frank
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    Hello, I am gonna try like this class module on on load of each form in order to make user for Read_only on each form: rivate Sub Form_Load() Dim User AS String Dim LoginType As Integer User = Forms (Mavigation Form)!TxtLogin LoginType = Dlookup("UserSecurity","TblUser","User2") If...
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    new customer or supplier is not shown in Combo

    Hello in my supplies issuance form, there is a button to add for new customer or supplier. when I add it, it will not be shown on the combo box, until we close the form and open it. What event procedure shall I make on the combo in order to automatically showing the new added supplier, just if I...
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    how can I edit report grouping

    Hello I just copied the customer report to supplier report in order to make a supplier report gouping by supplier or items. Can anyone hlep me how to edit the grouping from cutomer id to supplier id as shown in the attached picture. Thank you Frank
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    bat file

    I want to create a bat file on excel by creating a button and by clicking it, it will execute to copy my FE to server folder or can I make a button in the Admin form/page to copy it's FE to the server?. Can it copy itself while it is open?
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    Form automatically goes to the right side or left

    Hello, what is in the property of the form that can place the form to the right side of the screen when we open it.
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    Pickup the value of the table on Form

    Hello, I want to pickup the value of a column in a table, but the source of the switchboard form is not from the table. I want it to show the version number on the form. I tried this:SELECT tblLocalVariables.ID, tblLocalVariables.Value FROM tblLocalVariables as the the source of the textbox...
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    customize MS Access Icon

    Below is my icon, since I have 2 databases, any one can help me how can I customize the icon not to show MS Access Icon? Thank you
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    Limit user access to certain forms or reports

    Helo, Anyone can help me how to make that certain users can only access certain forms or reports. In my login table I have: UserID UserName Password Accesstype Thank you Frank
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    rename table

    Hello, I have difficulty in renaming the table. When I right click the mouse then I go to rename while the cursor is on the table. When I click rename is quickly jump to another table, so I could not finish renaming. How can we make that the cursor stay in that table, so that I can rename it...
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    Disable shrink

    Hello, how can I disable shrinkage of the form, because it is often when I wanted to move the form to the bottom, inadvertently my mouse cursor was on the top edge of the form, and when I dragged it, the form was shrunk to the bottom. I tried to see on the form property, but I could not find it.
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    autoupdate Front End

    Hello, this is my front end, file path in server: \\ABCbrickyard\PQRShared\Central\EVS\EVS_Inventory\FEbkup\FE_Evs.accdb My question is how can we make it as soon as the users open their front end, it will automatically update by copying it from the server and replace their front end. I am as...
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    want to see the transaction

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how can I filter the form by transaction no?, so that we can see the transaction. Or should I filter it thru report?. It is better if we can filter/search by transaction number and jump to the transaction in the form. But here I see the filter on the ribbon is not...
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    In the Option for Filter look up for database should we checking the box of ODBC field. Now I see the ones are checked: Local index fields and local nonindex fields. This is in the case we put backend in server. Any way what is a server connected with users, is it by cable of wifi or...
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    Compact on Close

    In order to improve performance, is it good, if on Option on current database, we put " Compact on Close" to True?
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    long path in server

    Hello, because even the server name is long, and I will make the name of our folder and subfoler, so it could be long. My question is if the path to the server is like this: \\\ PQRInventory\PQRInventory_Main\Pictures, Database_backend will be in PQRInventory_Main...
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    Splitting database

    Hello, I want to know the sequence of splitting database and making Accde. Let's say on my PC, I already split the database from my C drive to \\Server. Then I make the Accde of my front end in my PC. Then I go to user1, with the copy of my front end of my Accde, I put it on the drive C of...
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    Selection in the form

    Hello, I add additional field for selection wth datatype: yes or no, default is no. When I see certain item, I tick mark if I want this to print. I chose this one by one. My question is if I want to clear the tick mark at once. How can I make it. Thank you
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    how to read the path

    Hello, when I browse our C using File Explorer, I see the server directory is like this "Shared (\\ (O:) Can I just right the path in my backup VBA like this? Source = "\(\\ (O:)\xxxdatabase_be.accdb" Thanks for any ideas
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    how the data being shared

    Hello, I want to know how the data being shared in the database. if UserA is using table customer just to view customers, While user B is using input form for supplies usage which form has inventory table linked with customer table. Can both user do their jobs at the same time without any problem?
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