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    Deleting Files Using Author Name

    I have Excel files in a shared folder that I need to delete after importing the data into Access. The folder is a shared folder with co-workers files so I only want to delete the files I created. How do I select the files delete using an Authors name?
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    Solved Highlight Cells At Year Change

    Good morning. This is what I have in Excel: This is what I want: I want to highlight the rows at each year change. I am assuming I would need to use Conditional Formatting but do not know what to use for a formula. I tried google but came up empty on this. Thanks.
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    Solved ConcatRelated Issue

    I am using Allen Browne's code here. In several queries I am concatenating data from tables/other queries and the data I want to concatenate is in there multiple times. To do it in one step I changed Allen's code here: strSql = "SELECT " & strField & " FROM " & strTable to this strSql =...
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    Extracting Text From A Field

    I have text like this: L6 - 5.9L 359ci DIESEL DI Turbocharged vin C - 4 valve OHV V8 - 6.6L 6599cc 403ci DIESEL MFI Turbocharged vin L type LGH - 4 valve OHV I want to extract the VIN info - just the letters in bold. In these examples they are both single letters. Sometimes they can be a...
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    Solved File Location Not Matching Up Issue

    Good morning all. I have some code that updates some local tables from one Access db into another. The source db is replaced with a new version monthly. The current file name is "VCdb_AUGUST_2021.accdb". I added "VCdb_" to the table names in the destination db. This is the code: Option...
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    Solved Adding Number To File/Folder Name w/ MoveFile

    Good morning. I am using this code to move a ZIP folder from desktop to an archive folder: Dim filPath Dim folPath As String filPath = Dir(C:\Users\EzGoingKev\ & "*.zip") folPath = "C:\Users\EzGoingKev\ArchiveFolder\" Dim FSO As Object Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")...
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    Access - Exporting Data As Text File Using UTF-8 with BOM Encoding

    Good afternoon. I have to build load sheets for a web based third party application my company uses. - I build the data in Access. - I export the data out to a text file using DoCmd.TransferText. - Once the text files are saved I need to manually open each one. Once open I use File -> Save As...
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    Solved SQL UPDATE Statement Help Needed

    I have two tables. Table1 is updated once a month. I have added a date field named "last_pull". I am attempting to populated that field with data from Table2. Table2 has two fields - an autonumbered "ID" field and a "pulled" field. The pulled field is a record of all Table1's update dates. The...
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    Solved Linking/Importing Excel File w/ "Dirty Data" Into Access

    Good morning all. There is an Excel file that was created and is maintained by multiple coworkers. I have to work with the data in that file so I currently have it as a linked table in my Access db. I ran my query and found empty cells where there should be data. Looking at the linked table I...
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    Exporting XML Using Schema

    Good afternoon. I use a program that builds a data set in an Access db and then converts that data into an XML file. I modify the data in the Access db and then go into the program and run out the XML file. I have to do this multiple times as we need different XML files. The XML file is in a...
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    Solved Splitting Up Text That Uses Varying Formats

    I have some data in a field. It is basically Make and Model data. Some fields have vehicle type added in: AUDI-RS5 / RS5 SPORTBACK VOLVO - TRUCKS - MEDIUM / HEAVY DUTY-VNM SERIES WHITE - TRACTORS-2-110 CASE - EXCAVATORS-688B CK I would like them to be separated into two different Make | Model...
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    Solved Weird TransferSpreadsheet Issue

    I created a function to export five Access queries out into five sheets in the same Excel 2016 workbook using: DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, "QueryName", C:\Path\ExcelFileName, , "SheetName" Sometimes I run it and it runs fine. It creates the workbook and...
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    Solved FileCopy Using Wildcard Not Working

    Good evening. I have an Excel file name "data123.xls" in one folder and want to copy it into another folder. This here works fine: FileCopy "C:\OldFolder\data123.xls", "C:\NewFolder\data.xls" Sometimes the data file will have a different numerical sequence. I cannot this to work: FileCopy...
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    Solved Access - Counting Letters and Numbers In A String

    Good afternoon. I have some data like this: AB12 ABC1 ABC12 ABCD123EF I would like to count letters, numbers, and then letters again if applicable. This would give me: AB12 = 22 ABC1 = 31 ABC12 = 32 ABCD123EF = 432 I am not sure if this something I can do in a query using LEN along with...
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    Solved Not IsNull Issue

    Good afternoon. I have this if statement in VBA - If (Not IsNull(DLookup("[Part Manufacturer]", "[export_sheet]"))) Then If (MsgBox("Delete PN's w/o manufacturer names?", 4) = 6) Then DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE FROM export_sheet WHERE [Part Manufacturer] IS NULL", -1 End If...
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    Office Object Library Settings

    Good afternoon. When creating a module I always have to go in and manually select the Microsoft Office 16.0 Object Library so the code will run without errors. I have to do this every time in every database. Is there a way to select it so it is automatically selected in all databases I open on...
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    Access - Creating Groups Based On Total File Size

    I am not sure how I need to do this so I am posting in General. I need to upload images into a web based UI. They are loaded using a ZIP folder. The UI limits the folder size to 300mb. I have a data set that consists of an distinct ID, a distinct image part number, and the image file size in...
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    Solved INSERT INTO from DBF File

    I imported a DBF into Access as a local table. I am trying to update the data using this: INSERT INTO local_table_name SELECT * FROM [DBF_file_name.DBF] IN '\\ServerName\FolderName' I am getting an error : "The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file...
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    NOT IN Returning Different Results Than Expected

    I needed to filter some data in a query so I added a field titled "ProductDescription" that has the following data in it: Turbocharger Turbocharger Mount Supercharger And some empty cells I used NOT IN ("Turbocharger Mount") and it brought back data where the cell contained Turbocharger and...
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    Solved Access - INSERT INTO w/ strPath

    I have some code that sets a file location as strPath. I am trying to use it to append some data from a table in another database to a local table in the db I am working in. I have used: DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO BrakeTypeWorking SELECT * FROM BrakeType IN strPath" which gives me a Run-time...
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