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    Problem chart

    HI , I am trying to create a chartin a report and not doing so well . at this time i type the data into excel and create a chart which is not really what i would like to do as the information is in access i have attached a sample of the database and a screen shot of what i woud like it...
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    Automactic Reminders

    i have a from with many outstanding requests , see screen shot below and report also is sit possible to send a automatic reminder weekly to all the people with actions that are active assigned to them thanks steve
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    enlarge field with a click

    hi , i have a form with 4 "long text " fields so i dont have to enlarge the test boxes in my form is it possible to click on that field to see and write all the text for example Approved actions thanks steve
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    how to stop editing tables with split front end

    hi I have split my database but I can still edit text from the front end . I can hide the navigation bar not to show the tables etc but that can easy be undone how can I prevent anyone accessing the tables etc thanks steve
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    get the varilbe " strinput" into a query

    Private Sub Command370_Click() Dim strInput As String Dim strMsg As String Beep strMsg = "Please Enter the password to allow access." strInput = InputBox(Prompt:=strMsg, Title:="Admin Password") If strInput = "CH1" Then the code is used to allow someone * could be 5 people" from admin...
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    Solved stop error message after aborting e-mail

    Private Sub cboReports_AfterUpdate() Dim strCriteria As String Dim thisCriteria As String Dim eMail As String Dim Title As String Dim Message As String Dim i As Integer DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="ReportDialog", WindowMode:=acDialog '* check if [TextReportOption] <> 0...
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    add a year folder per year into my directory

    rivate Sub Command437_Click() Dim FILENAME As String Dim strFullPath As Variant Dim folderpath As Variant Dim foldername As String Dim varfolder2 As String Dim company1 As String Dim a As String Dim varfolder As String If company = 1 Then company1 =...
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    pull 5 charectors from a varible

    If company = 1 Then company1 = "PPI-Engineering" If company = 2 Then company1 = "API-Engineering" I am trying to pull the first 5 charectors OF the varible "company 1 " either PPI-E , OR API-E. bur with no lucj can you please assist with this thanks steve
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    Solved form id number to directory

    hi I would like to be able to save this form in PDF Format with a file name from the ARNO ie file no 7 . I would like it to goto my documents into a folder that's name comes from the field " company" as this is variable, thanks steve
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    Solved send pdf straigh to folder

    hi , this is a piece of code someone gladly sent me with the attached form , how can if send a pdf straight to a folder ie if the field "company" is the form "issues list" = PPI-ENGINEERING the send it to folder "c:\users\steve\documents\ppi ." if the company is API -ENGINEERING then...
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    e.mail the people with a tick in the contacts file

    I have a table called contacts for 3 different companies there is a tick of who I would like to send an e.mail to for each company with the report attached from the report dropdown box depending whos company is named in the issue list form . at this time it is API capacitors . previously...
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    cc varible on e.mail

    the this form has a combo box with people name in " send e.mail to " and after selecting that name the e.mail is sent to that person what I would like to do if possible is cc the manager of that company ( this database is used for 3 companies ) so if field " issues company " has...
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    Solved SEND E.mail without waiting for me to press send before the next one is ready to send

    DoCmd.OpenReport REPORTNAME:=cboReports, VIEW:=acViewPreview, WhereCondition:=thisCriteria '* this is a test '* DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, cboReports.Value, acFormatPDF, Environ("userprofile") & "\documents\rpt" & i & ".pdf", True...
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    e.mail all "assigned to"

    hi , the form above is what I use for my action requests, this form shows all active records . at this time is I run the open issues report it sends a email to the individuals in the assigned to field . can you please help me with the code below to sent all issues to all the people in the...
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    hi I have a target date field in my form , what I would like to record is the date when someone enters the target date for the first time only could you please advise the best way for me to do this thank you steve
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    This is the code I use but I really need to hide the charactors whilst typing them in so none can see them but I have no idea how to put that in any help appreciated strMsg = "Please Enter the password to allow access." strInput = InputBox(Prompt:=strMsg, Title:="Admin Password") If...
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    lookup and return value

    Hi I have been trying without any luck to get the company name to automatically go to the field "company" using the information in the field "assigned to" i have a form called "home " of which 2 of the fields are called " company" and "assigned to" . this information comes from drop down...
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    filter records

    hi the code below is what I use for the administrator to open the form issue list what I need Help with is there are 3 administrators who passwords are CH1 , SK1, AND EW1 at this time the table shows ALL the issue raised by the 3 companies ie API , API CAP , AND PPI-ENG so I would...
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    drop down boxes

    hi, I am trying to create a drop down box that then selects another box for me to choose from . I have tried to copy others but I just keep failing , I have taken part of my database for you to see what I have at this time see. attached at the top of the form there is a drop down box...
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    form dropdown box with costs

    hi I have 2 tables I is the main information I will save my data the other is where I keep my products and cost the idea was to open up the form select a part from the drop down box which would then bring down the costs. decsription, proiduct code ect automatically i woild then enter...
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