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    Searching ALL fields in a drop down from ONE Combo box

    Hi, I am adding runners to a race timing database to 'register' the runner's details for the race. I am using a standard Combo box on the runners' table. So of course if I enter text it filters and then hopefully finds the runner I am looking for. now sometimes I have the runner's number not...
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    Solved Join in Query giving odd results

    Hi, I have a table with World record running times in it with race Distance, Age and gender and the 3 primary keys. I know there is only 1 unique record in the database for 10k distance but there isalso a record for the 5k distance. I have a query which links to the WorldRecord table to pick...
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    Solved Update a field in a table based on the result of a subquery

    Hi, I am trying to run some SQL to update a field in one table with the result of a nested subquery which returns just one field. The code is below: UPDATE Runners SET Runners.Category = (select RunnerCategory.RunnerCategoryID from RunnerCategory WHERE...
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    Solved Default value of combo box on one form based on combo box value in another

    Hi All, It's been a while. Lock down definitely got in the way as all races were cancelled. now there is a prospect of them restarting I have the impetus to restart my race database project. Anyways, I feel i should know the answer to this and that it really shouldn't be as complicated as I...
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    Is the .column property available in Access macros

    HI, I want to check the value of column 3 in one of my combo boxes in a macro but Access doesn't seem to make it available to macros where of course it is available in VBA. Am I missing something or is my syntax wrong for the macro: cmbSeriesID.column(2)? Thanks, Stephen
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    Create report header name from ID field

    Hi, I have a really simple issue but can't figure it out. I have a table with a Race ID in it and I want to use this ID to get the race name and date and put them as the header on the report 'cos all results relate to this race. Simples! If I use a text box I just have a field in the...
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    Issue Importing Excel Date/Time field into Access table

    Hi, I am creating an import routine for users to import an Excel file of race results into my database. Now, my users are likely to be fairly non-techie so I want as foolproof a way of doing this as possible. So a) is there a way of knowing from the Excel file import what type of field it is...
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    Create new secondary constraint on a table using the Access UI

    Hi, I was to create a secondary constraint on a table as a combination of 2 fields. How do I do this using the Access UI as opposed to doing it in SQL? Thanks Stephen
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    Using docmd.transferspreadsheet

    Hi, I want to import an Excel SS containing 2 columns: RacerunnerNumber and Racetime. I'm allowing the user to select Excel files from 2003 onwards. However, when using the transferspreadsheet method it requires you to specify a SS type. Is there a way of me knowing which SS type it is when...
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    Distributing Updates to the backend.

    Hi All, Now my database is at MVP stage I am now looking to distribute updates to the backend database. For now the copies are all local to each user so they will need to manually update the database themselves. What is the most efficient way of doing this? It means potentially new tables...
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    '#Type' showing in form field when I set a function to be the default value

    Hi, I have a form field which is taken form an Integer field on a table. I want to default a value into this field so have written a function which returns and integer value. However, when I set this function to be the default value of the field the form shows #Type in the field. What am I...
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    Openargs not being populated

    I have some VBA code: DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acPreview, , , , "TESTING" but when I inspect me.openargs in the report Load or Open event Me.Openargs shows as null. What am earth am i doing wrong?
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    Top 'N' query conundrum

    OK, so I'm going to try and explain this as best I can. Some of you will be a little familiar with the race timing database I am writing and have helped massively in getting it to where it is. A problem has just been highlighted when calculating the overall series' results. An athlete runs in...
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    Access Keeps Crashing when I go click Debug

    Hi, I have just been working on Crosstab queries and reports with parameters and have got it all working (or so I thought). I am now getting an error on the Querydef function where I am setting up the parameters of the query in VBA before calling the report. I have no idea why this isn't now...
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    Create crosstab report from Crosstab query

    Hi, I have got a crosstab query working very nicely showing the column headings I want. However, when I go to create an Access report from it Access tells me that I have no PIVOT fields defined. Below is the query. I added the bit in red so that I couold gnerate a report but a) I really...
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    Error 3061 too few parameters expected 2

    Hi, I'm getting the above error on the second line in my VBA code below. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong please? I added the first line as a test just to see if the query works from within VBA and it does work fine. It seems to be suggesting you cannot run a query using the...
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    How best to do an array in Access 2013

    Hi, I want to create an array in an Access table but it doesn't seem that it is possible. Do I really have to manually create all fields in the 'array' as individual fields? BTW, I want the array to be of 26 x 2 (integers). One pair for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter can have 2...
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    How do I access the value of a toggle button in a query statement?

    Hi, I'm running Access 2013 on Windows 10. I have a form with a drop down which selects races that have not been 'finalised' (i.e. the results verified as correct, it doesn't really matter though. The point is that this is a an access database Boolean Yes/No type field with values as I...
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    Run report in but 'print' whole report

    Hi, I am running Access 2013. I am writing a Race Timing database and when it comes to printing the times for a race I have a report which saves all the runtime data to a table so that when summarising the results later for e.g. a series of races (and also for historical purposes) the data is...
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    Datasheet form refresh issue

    Hi, I'm new to Access (but not coding) and have a datasheet which is just populated from a table. I have put a macro behind the 'ID' field so the user can click the ID field and it runs the Macro to bring up eitther a New Record or to edit the existing record. When I click the 'New' link and...
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