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    Secure MS Access front-end from Hex Editor

    Hi everyone, I have created MS Access application in MS Access and I was really proud to finish it, it tackes from a lot of time and hard work to achieve this. But unfortunately, when I present it to our IT they said that it can be hacked easily by Hex Editor. I would like to protect my...
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    Loop through current records to find null value in the Subform

    Hi all, How can I loop through current records to find if the subform contains a null value in the data entry form then return an error message? Please find below my code which works fine if I navigate to a record not contains a null value but for other records will not catch it while closing...
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    Constant Error

    Hi All, How can I fix the below error (Constant expression required)? As I want to get the value string column 1 from combobox. Thanks in advance!
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    Replace Message box user input with stars ***

    Hi All, I have got a db with a code to allow bypass for the super admin user but the message box views the actual password as the below screenshot. How can I make the Super admin user input in the message box to be replaced with stars ******* instead of the actual text password in the below...
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    Dynamic combobox depends on text box

    Hi All, I am struggling with the below query criteria to return specific Combobox items depends on another text box field called [test]. 1. if [test] is = "Case" should returns [StatusID] (4, 11, 12). 2. If [test] is = "Form" should returns [StatusID] (1,2,3,8,9,11,12). The issue is that the...
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    Dcount with two conditions

    Hi All, I have got 4 text boxes to count the following: 1. Today's items. 2. Today's & Current Items less than 60 days. 3. Items Greater than 60 days. 4. Items Greater than 90 days. I need help to validate the above with below expression control source. Thanks in advance!
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    Which is the best approach to identify the current user in MS Access?

    Hi All, I am using the below code to identify the current user in the main form [NavigationForm] but I realized that the users are facing a little delay while launching the system. I am using in my code the DLookup function on Open event to achieve that, I heard about the Recordset and...
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    VBA barcode code generator not working

    Hi all, I used to generate a barcode font in MS Access 2010 normally with no issues even with the same printer, but when our company changed my desktop PC and upgraded to Windows 10 and MS Access to 2013 it's no more working I do not know how to fix this issue. I tried the same application at...
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    Extract specific data from one text field

    I have got a text field called [Address] contains the whole address of the customer which has been extracted from an XML file with the below result: I would like to extract the value only of the address field and populate them to specific fields like: How can I create a query or VBA to...
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    Extract Smart card reader data to MS Access table

    Hi All, I have got an MS Access database works in a multi-user environment, I would like to extract data from the Smart card reader device and then insert it to my [Customers] table. The card reader provides an XML file called: eRevealerGcc when you insert the card into it located in the %temp%...
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    Interactive QR Code in MS Word 2013 template

    Hi All, I have a MS Word fillable form template that has many fields I wold like to have an interactive QR Code to incode three fields [Account Number], [Form Name] and [Date] that once the user fill out the form the QR will capture the data entered and generated like pdf forms. I have...
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    View pdf in Microsoft Access 2013 From

    Hi All, I would like to view pdf files in the Form window not outside the form it's viewed only jpg files.`` I tried arnelgp sample in the below link but it's same not working in my MS Access 2013 version...
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    View pdf files within the form in MS Access 2013 Not working with Adobe Reader

    Hi All, I have got a Microsoft Access db to view pdf files within the form but it does not succeed is there another suggestion to do so? I tried to upload my db in this thread it's allowed, below is my code: Private Sub btnBrowse_Click() Dim file As FileDialog Set file =...
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    Open and pass values pdf form or MS Word Forms

    We have got in our company a Microsoft Office 2013, I would like to create MS Access database to control our forms that created in Adobe Acrobat and MS Word. When I create a new record in Access then save it I want to automate opening a specific form template let say: Form 1 under a pdf format...
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    Query with Three Arguments

    Hi All, I would like to return the account type if three scenarios are met: 1. If the [CustTypeID] = 1 and [CCNo] = "N/A" the result should be: Account File. 2. If the [CustTypeID] = 2 and [CCNo] = "N/A" the result should be: Facility File. 3. If the [CustTypeID] = 2 and [CCNo] <> "N/A"...
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    Return Seven working days excluding Fridays and Saturdays

    Hi everyone, I have got two fields [Opened Date] and [Due Date], I would like to return the due date of 7 working days excluding Fridays and Saturdays from current date. How can achieve this by macro and the same by VBA too afterupdate event? Thanks in advance! Sent from my HUAWEI NXT-L29...
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    Connect back-end to front-end other than shared folders

    Hi, I have got a Microsoft Access split database in a local network through shared folder. I am wondering if there's a way whereby I can connect the front-end to back-end without the shared folder through localhost? Because I am getting deficulty to normalize all the users in a one partition...
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    Filter Datasheet Split Form

    Hi, How can I filter a split form with datasheet type depends on the department login to the application? The department login ID is returned correctly but the filter is not working at all. I think I missed something in my code. Your kind assistance would be highly appreciated. Private Sub...
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    Move Typed value from field to another field

    Hi All, I have got two fields in a form one called [AccountNo](ComboBox) and the other one called [ActualAC](Text) I want to move the typed data from AccountNo to AcrualAC field if the value typed not in the list of the Combobox. How can I achieve this? Please find my code below: Private Sub...
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    Multi Approvals Task Management (Dashboard Control Form)

    Hi All, I am working on a Multi Approvals Task Management database and trying to set up a Dashboard Control Form which will allow me to predefined each task (Combobox) and it's concerned department. How can I achieve this form of control? As an example: 1. Task 1 should be assigned to four...
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