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    Connect two tables based on exact match

    Hello, I have the following problem: 2 tables that the input are from forms: Table A with the following Fields : Transport Number And Pallet_ID (Generated Automatically). The user only have to place the transport number and form will generate a pallet ID (Form 1); Table B: User have to...
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    Import tables from multiple different sources

    Hello. I'm facing an issue that I don't know how to overcome. I have 5 different access with a table (called "store") that have the same structure than the destination table ("allstores") in my current database. I want to import the entries of these 5 tables (and perform some queries between...
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    remove last 3 digits from a number

    Hello. I have an excel file that have a field in a number format. The entries are like "703007082618934000". I have a local table that is my destination table and this field has data type "number", field size "double" and format "0". The problem is that I need to remove the last 3 zeros...
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    Import files sequentially

    Hello. I have a bunch of files that I need to import sequentially. The files are generated by an order management system, and the format is like this: store_YYYYMMDDHH. I can't use this date because the number of characters are not static: store_20209111- this can be the file of 01/09/2020 at...
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    Hello World

    Hello, my name is Joao and I'm starting in Access (vba and macros). Thank you for your forum and hope to help me out!
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