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    many forms one (save or delete) button for all

    Drears good day i already have many forms i want to put them in one form or navigation form or i use form with Tab control at the end i want to make one save button for all forms one delete button for all forms one search button for all forms thanks in advance
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    Solved query data shift or move from clolumn to other

    hi dears good day i am asking if i can if there is null on column (name_english) then the yellow data move from (Chart_Name_English) column to the Null column please look at PIC attached
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    Query Filter

    Dears Good DAY i want to remove Yellow rows as PIC attached on another way i need Query whithout Yellow Rows
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    Solved report not like query

    i have query like PIC and report is not getting the same data 2 yello rows in Query result in 1 yello row in report
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    Solved query repeating rows

    hi dears good day please look at two PIC Attached i have Trialbalance Query show Total Account Transaction for all Pettycash Employees it is very good query i like it so the proplem here when i want the total account query to be in details by Employees like second PIC , It will...
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    Solved Expression text formula

    i have query as PIC Attached i need to put Expression in report text to allow me to get one value = sum CreditPL Column - Sum DebitPL Column = 1,108,530.52 - 461,769.16 will appear finally 646,761
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    Solved filter query column by another Column

    i have query like this First Column accnum 111,112 ,113 , 121,122,123 Send Column Debit 700,500,0 200,900,100 Third Column Credit 400,200,0 100,800,600 _____________________________________________________________________________________ So Question is i need...
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    Solved #type appear and sometimes not

    Dears i have strange thing when i run report on access sometimes it will give calculated number and every thing is ok and sometimes it will give #Type! formula in Control source , Expression Builder i am Calculating 4 values from Text appear on report like this...
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    Solved Substract to values in same row and return value DLOOKUP

    I have one row contains : Name | Debit | Credit Customer| 5500 | 2000 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i want to make formula...
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    Solved Accounting Income Statement Query

    Dears Good Day are there any recomendation to get a query & Report like this 41100 Sales 5000 51100 Cost of goods sold ( 2000 ) _________________________________________ Gross profit...
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    Solved Accounting Trial Balance Query (report)

    Query contain (1-openingDebit or 2-openingCredit) - (3-Debit and 4-Credit ) (5-endbalanceDebit and 6-endbalanceCredit) First 1 and 2 columns are opening Balance (Debit or credit) Second 3 and 4 columns are Transactions (Sum debit and sumcredit) with in period Third 5 and...
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