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  1. Ocicek

    MS Access Based Loop Through All excel files in a a folder.. "Skip if file already using"

    Hello All I have a code loop through all excel file in a given folder. But I have problem if some files opened from that folder the loop is getting crash. (With this code excel files opening as hidden on another instances) My example code is: So Where should i add a condition in the code to...
  2. Ocicek

    Sqlite import & export with macro

    Hello friends. I have an application running on Android. The application works with sqlite database. I load the list of values to be filled in to this sqlite, then this sqlite file comes to us. I need to do the empty and filled version of this sqlite database with microsoft access database from...
  3. Ocicek

    FileSystemObject error when the file names has special letters

    Hello All I'm not bad on Microsoft Access but I am quite new on VBA codes. I spent almost 24 hours to get solution below. I have several csv files I am importing them to table with bellowing code: Dim FSO As Object, objFolder As Object, objFile As Object Set FSO =...
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