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    Solved PNG Logo in Generated PDF not Printing Clear

    I have a pdf that is generated with the following code. The problem I have is the logo in the upper left corner, that I brought in as a png, does not print clearly once the pdf is generated. If I print it directly from the report, it prints nice a sharp. See comparison below. Any ideas how to...
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    Solved Table Not Sorting Correctly

    I have a table that is used in a database that does not seem to sort correctly for one particular data number in the a field. I'm puzzled on this one. See below. I've sorted for only ContractID: 147. Note both the ContractLineItemID and LineItemNum do not sort Ascending. I've check other ones...
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    Solved Combining Two Queries with Same Field

    I have two queries A_Q and B_Q. (simplified the names) Each gives a list of projects that will be funded, based on different funding limits for each and uses a Balance field where the criteria is >0, to show only the projects that can be funded. Both queries have a unique ProjectID, but have...
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    Solved Referring to Custom Field Name Within Query

    How do I fix this? I have a query, were I've renamed a field. I then am referring to that field in another fields expression. When I do, it asks for the renamed field parameter. See below.
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    Solved DoCmd.RunSavedImportExport for linked Table

    I have split database that has a Import button the executes the DoCmd.RunSavedImportExport command which first runs a query to delete data in the table to be imported and then executes the saved import. The saved import take a MS Excel cvs file and imports the data to single table in Access...
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    Database Suddenly Won't Share - laccdb Issue?

    I have four different split databases that have there backends on the same server. Yesterday, suddenly only one person could work in them. The rest would get a runtime error. I also noticed the laccdb file will not close when everyone has closed the database. This happened to all four...
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    Solved Understanding the Double Quotes

    I am looking for a break down of how the double quotes work in the following from Allen Brown : If you wanted to look up the city for the CompanyName in your form, you need to close the quote and concatenate that name into the string...
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    Converting Access DB to Web Application

    I have a small database that is split and used by 25 users. The users are in 5 different cities, in two states. Currently the BE is on a server and each user has a copy of the FE on there own PC. I've been looking into converting the Access DB to a web application. My reason for possibly...
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    Solved Sorting Report by Text Field that has Numbers & Letters

    I have a report that I want sorted by a text field called [ProjectPriority]. The field can be null, a number or text. If it is null, I want the field to read "NP" for No Priority. If it is "OBL" then read "OBL". The field is set to "OBL" once a award date for the contract is entered. OBL...
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    Solved Ordering a Custom String as a Number

    I have query that was working fine until the GrandTotal number went beyond 100. The query is meant to sort projects by their CustomNumberForOrdering but, at the same time showing the decreasing Balance and increasing RunTotal for each project. SQL expression for CustomNumberForOrdering is...
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    Solved RecordSet not appearing in VBA dropdown list

    I'm trying to learn about RecordSets. When declaring a rst as a RecordSet, it does not show up in the dropdown. Why is that?
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    Solved Speeding Up a Query

    I have a query (BALANCE_Q 2) that's based on another query (BALANCE_Q1). BALANCE_Q 1 runs in a split second. BALANCE_Q 2 runs in about 8 seconds and the result is shown below. Note only 59 records. There's no doubt that it's because of my expression for Balance, RunTotal, and Counter...
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    Solved Reset Query Column Order to Match Design View Order

    In a query, if you rearrange a column(s) in Datasheet View, it appears you can no longer rearrange the columns in Design View and have the rearrangement show up in the Datasheet View. Arranging any column in the Datasheet View seems to turn off some type of link between the two. How do you...
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    Improving Split DB Performance

    I have a split database, with the FEs on each users computer and the BE on a networked server. When one user is on, the performance is great. When two users are on, the performance decreases noticeably. What took a fraction of second before with a single user, now takes 1-2 seconds to...
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    Solved xxxx.ACCDBL File On & Off

    I have a split database, with the FEs on each users computer and the BE on a networked server. I've noticed that sometimes the .accdbl file for the BE will appear and disappear over and over, with a frequency of every 3 seconds or so. I would expect for it to appear when some has opened their FE...
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    Solved Project Count

    I'm trying to count the number of projects based on the fiscal year (FY). I'm using an expression in the query called ProjectCount as shown below and it works but not with the condition of FY. It should also share that the database opens to a Main_F where there is a combobox for FY. The...
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    Open Form Setting Linking to Another Form

    I have a form (F_ContractInfo) with primary key of ContractInfoID. On the form is a button (ModRequestButton), that I want to open another form (SF_ModRequest) but have it linked to the F_ContractInfo via the ContractInfoID. SF_ModRequest has record source set to T_ModRequest that has a field...
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    Solved VBA to Change Data on Another Form

    I have a database with multiple forms. Forms are F_Project, & F_Contract. On F_Contract I have a textbox called AwardDate. On F_Project I have a checkbox called ActiveAwarded. What I want is, when the AwardDate is entered (or deleted), I want the ActiveAward changed to True (or False). The...
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    Solved Populate Combo based on Cont. Form & Ckbox

    I have a database that I want a combo box's selection to be based on data from a subform and a ckbox. Subform: The subform is SF_LocationForSelectedProject and is linked to the main from by the ContractID. It's record source is a query Q_LocationForSelectProject. The subform is continuous. I...
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    Group Query by Checkboxes

    I'm not sure why I can't figure this out. I have a query that I want to show Location (ascending) textbox , but grouped by ServiceUnit (true) checkbox, then grouped by Tribal (true) checkbox. How do I do that?
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