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    search for value in excel worksheet

    My search below only finds 1 value. It does not stop at the other value it should be finding. The value in the cell is identical to the one it does find. What am I doing wrong? for vrow = 12 to 15 fDesc = loWorkSheet.Range("A" & cstr(vrow()).value) If fDesc = "" then goto NextvRow...
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    Recordset with selected records

    I have a table with a column named VendType and it has 3 values ("FS", "EXP, "DSD"). I want to export the records into 3 separate spreadsheets by VendType. I also only want to export the rows that I select from a grid on the form I am on. The form could be filtered and possibly have rows...
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    formatting numbers

    I have a report that is using a query where I have a column being formatted in the query like this: CreditMemoAmt: "- " & CStr(Abs([CreditMemoAmount])) In the report, numbers like 1,500.00 are coming across like 1500. And 1623,60 are 1623.6 How can i fix this? I want the numbers to appear...
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    Looping thru all forms

    I am looping thru all forms...and i have more than 1,000. looking for the forms that start with the prefix "DYN_" & MyReportListID. Then when I find one, I am copying those forms and resetting properties on them. Looping thru all forms will take a little less than a minute. Is there a way to...
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    adodb execution of sql command timeout

    I have this code below and it is hanging on me. It worked fine for several files...but it is now hanging on me and times out with error (-2147217871:Query timeout expired). But When I copy the sql string to SQL Server and run it, it runs in less than 1 second without errors. 'This is what it...
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    app hangs

    My app is hanging when I try to close an excel workbook. I am linking an excel file and when I am done processing and want to close the workbook, the app hangs. What am I not doing right? It hangs on this line: wkb.Close Dim objXL As New Excel.Application Dim wkb As Excel.Workbook...
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    set order to columns

    I need to populate 2 columns : 1) Add a sequential record number (ClaimRow) that resets for each xlsfilename. This will contain the row number within the xlsfilename. 2) Add a sequential record number (TabRow) that resets for each xlsfilename, TabName. This will contain the row number within...
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    Import Excel Files

    I am looping thru and linking excel files. Sometimes there is data with the top row having title names. The problem is that when the column names are like "date" and "quatity" then when it links in what shows in the cell is "#Num!". How can I get around this so I see "date" and the other field...
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    dynamically remove recordsource

    How can i remove all recordsources from all forms and subforms in my app? I want to do this with vba to loop thru all forms and remove all recordsources. thanks!
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    save with question mark in name

    I have a process that runs thru thousands of files and in the end of several steps it saves the file to the z drive. I ran into a problem when it tried to save a file that has a ? in the name. I converted that to chinese letters. ProWkBk = "Vango loveseat ????FR091 20171205.xls"...
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    conditional formatting

    I have this code to copy conditional formatting from 1 textbox to all the textboxes (more than 75 textboxes) in a form. It works when I have the form open and i run it, but when i close it and then reopen the form it is not there again. I open it in design mode to check the other textboxes, it...
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    Export from Ms Access to SQL Server

    is there a way to export from ms access to SQL Server using vba code?
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    save subform changes without prompting on close

    I have a subform that I move columns around and change from bold to normal font. When I close the main form, it prompts me if I want to save the subform. I don't want it to prompt me, I just want it to save by default. How can i do this?
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    Linked View performance issues

    I am having performance issue with a DLookup on a linked view from SQL Server. I am executing a stored procedure in SQL Server that runs and updates the data on a view. I then do a DLookup to get values from the view and it takes about 5 seconds for each DLookup to retrieve the data. When I...
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    set recorsource on subform of a subform

    I want to set the recordsource on a GrandChild form: I tried these 2 ways and i get the error msg: "Run-Time error '2467': The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist. I have the code below in the OnChange of the CurrentForm (this is the 1st subform)...
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    Large SQL table linked

    I have a large sql table(6 million rows) with about 10 columns. I link the table to an ms access application. When I open the table in ms access and want to edit a column, it takes 15 seconds for it to respond and change the value. After that i can edit the values of any record and it is...
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    populate combobox with default values

    I saved the values of 3 comboboxes to a table and when the form opens, I want those values (default) to be populated in the comboboxes. I tried doing it like this below...but I get a run-time error 424 (object required). Me.cmb_Projects.Column(1) = rs!DefProject...
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    Error Trapping

    I call a sql stored procedure from ms access. How can i tell if the sproc failed or ran successfully? Also, is there a way to do error trapping and pass the error to ms access ?
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    Copy from 1 list to another list

    I have list1 in form1 and a user will select multiple items from that list. There is a button on form1 that when clicked, it opens form2. I want to copy All the list items from list1 to list2 on form2 and I want to select all the items that are on list1 on list2. So that list2 has the items...
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    call sub in another control

    I have a form "mainform" and I have 2 controls on that form that ("chk_ClaimHistory" and "TabMain"). One is a checkbox and the other a Tab control. When the checkbox is unchecked, I want to call the "On Change" Event of "TabMain". I tried putting : Call...
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