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    And I thought this was simple....

    Thanks for the thought. Normalised in this way I dont think is an option as it will result in over 18 million records.
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    And I thought this was simple....

    This example would be incorrect(And is shortened for clarity). As it contains records with 1 and any other number. The correct return would be: n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 n7 1 2 3 4 5 6 27 As both 1 and 27 are present in the data returned. Moving on if there were three numbers in...
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    And I thought this was simple....

    This issue is difficult to describe, so please bear with me. I have attached a sample database below to have a look at. There is a table tblData this contains numbers. I have reduced it for this post to a few records the original has several millions. A second table tblVariable contains...
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    New JRO.JetEngine Throwing Class Not Registered

    None of those are helping and I have already checked all them. The book came with code. The error is in their version of the code too. I am wondering if its a 64 bit issue?
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    New JRO.JetEngine Throwing Class Not Registered

    I thought as I haven't updated my Access skills for some time and am probably rusty around the edges I should buy a more up to date book and work through it. At worst I will cover what I already use daily but maybe as I am not a complete begineer I may pick up more this time around... The book...
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    Combo Box Multi Select Saving

    Somehow I am not making this clear. The multiselect combo is attached to a table. Its saving the data selected that is proving illusive. Private Sub cboReference_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) Dim i As Integer Dim value As Variant MsgBox "BeforeUpdate " & Me.cboReference.ItemsSelected.Count...
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    Combo Box Multi Select Saving

    I am asking how to save the content of a multi select combo box in an unbound form. Form is unbound. Combo box is multi select. One completing a record including this combo box with its multiple selections. I walk the form and save the records to the table. I would think something like...
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    Coronavirus - are we all doomed?

    I am sorry if some of this is already said, however i am not reading 65 pages of posts. I am sitting in one of the few places in the world where our cases are in single digits and the virus hasn't established itself in our community. In addition, as it happens, my main work is related to...
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    Combo Box Multi Select Saving

    Hi All Its been a while...however I dont often get stuck and usually can solve things myself. However this is a mystery to me. The machine shop has decided they want an Access database and have given me a base form etc they want to use. On one of the forms to achieve input checking etc I...
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    Query Criteria being automatically changed when saved and reopened

    When I get this type of outcome I break the criteria down and make separate columns for each. I resolve each column and then combine one at a time till I find the issue.
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    Keeping Cool

    Was reading the temperature may be a bit on the warmer side for our American friends next few days. Thought this is not that unusual for some of us elsewhere in the world. Perhaps we should make suggestions on keeping cool in these conditions. One I find works well in limited amount. Soak...
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    With all the talk of moon landings got to thinking...what might it be like to have sex on the Moon? I mean the gravity is different. For that matter what might it be like to have sex on Mars? Would that be different to the moon? Then again how about sex on Uranus?
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    Copy Last Entered Record with DMAX and DLOOKUP VBA

    What are you wanting to copy exactly the entry in which case grab the taskID or something else?
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    Access as frontend

    With a normal data 100.000 records new app with ODBC link tables is very very slow compare old way (external data, link tables in access) Try optimising the queries for SQL
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    Moving Text boxes on a report

    If I am understanding what you are asking one approach maybe to create a set of text boxes in the various positions desired. Then populate all of them as the report is formatted and only make visible the desired text boxes. Hope that makes sense.
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    do not count duplicates fields in report

    I think this would be achievable in queries. A query giving you select distinct job numbers and count these records. This give you the job count. Then a similar query with closed jobs only, again using a select distinct to get only the unique records. These could be unioned with a bit of...
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    Odd and Differing Behaviour in Query on SQL data stores

    I tried that and it trims the leading 0 every time...
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    Odd and Differing Behaviour in Query on SQL data stores

    Yes I have two backend SQL servers at the moment. We are upgrading the online system so currently are running part old (online tools) and part new. Eventually it will all transfer to the new system, but the new code is taking longer than anticipated. The linked table is showing the field as...
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    Odd and Differing Behaviour in Query on SQL data stores

    Have converted to date in every conceivable way I can think of
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    Odd and Differing Behaviour in Query on SQL data stores

    Used format first. This didn't work.
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