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    MS Access error: Cant Add All of the Records in the Update or Append Query

    0 i researched the knowledge base for this MS Access error I'm getting, but didn't find the answer i needed. I am using a query to Make a table. When it runs, I get the following error: MS Access error: Cant Add All of the Records in the Updte or Append Query: It set 8 Fields to Null due to a...
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    type error when trying to update a table field name query

    I have a query where i am trying to update field by taking the left number of characters before a space. I'm not very good with Access VBA, so I'm trying to do this via a query. my data is a list of SKUs, where I want to update the same field (sku) with a shorter SKU number, by using the Left$...
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    Calculated form fields inconsistently display when triggered by the Events Property

    I have a timecard input form, where i enter a time code, a punch in time, and a punch out time. There is another form field named TimeDuration which calculates the difference between these times and multiplies x 24. Then, based on the code entered, the corresponding time category field will...
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    Getting Can't Add or Update Records when Making Table with a Query

    Hello, I'm currently stumped and am hoping someone can help me. I have a query with 38 fields which I pull together data to Create a Table. When I put the query into Select mode, it runs fine with no errors, but when I switch it to Make Table mode, I get the following error (see attachment...
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    Can't Figure out #Error on Form Footer in Access

    I have a data entry form I set up in Access. It is a continuous form, and has a footer which accumulates field totals. I set up my totals with the =sum([fieldname]) in the Control Source property and it was working, but for some odd reason it stopped working and all I get now are #Errors. I've...
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    Updating a Form field based on another field

    Hi, I have a time card data entry form which is based on a query. On the same row of the continuous form I have created several unbound fields which I want to calculate values based on other fields' data. I plan to then use total calculation fields in the footer to display totals. I...
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