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    Solved Form-specific codes in reusable class modules

    Using the technique mentioned in this thread: Creating Pseudo Custom Controls with Class Modules, I have successfully created my own set of form-navigation buttons, along with [Save] and [Undo] buttons. However, there is a problem with the [Save] action. Each form has a different save criteria...
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    Solved Create and delete form on the fly

    I have a simple form that, when the user clicks on a hyperlink, the image file path is passed to the form's OpenArgs and the form displays the image in full size. The code goes like this: Option Compare Database Option Explicit Dim clsClose As clsCloseButton Private Sub Form_Load() Set...
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    Solved Passing Form as parameter and requerying its subform

    How do you write a sub procedure that, when you pass a form's name or a form object as the parameter, it checks to see if the form is loaded, then requery its underlying subform? This is what I was trying to do, hard-coded: Forms!frmMain1.subForm1.Form.Requery Ultimately, I'd like to come up...
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    Solved Is it possible to create custom controls?

    Let's say I have a textbox that allows only numeric input, or OK/Cancel buttons with preset formats and Default/Cancel properties, any kind of reusable controls that I will have on several of my forms. Is it possible to save those controls somewhere, along with its formatting and code, so that I...
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    Solved How to programmatically pass authentication to a network folder?

    Hi, I have a table with a field named [ImgagePath] that stores pictures of items. Images are stored on a folder in the server. I have set up the folder to be completely public but not browsable, that means anyone can access the folder if he/she types in the path \\server\folder directly in the...
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    Access database engine not enabled by default?

    Hi, I'm not a professional developer, just someone who knows some VBA and SQL, with just enough database knowledge to put some things together. I'm currently working on an Access (Office365 64-bit) front end that uses linked tables stored in a MySQL server on Ubuntu (via ODBC drivers). This is...
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