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    Solved Query to show difference in telephone and email stored in a table

    So i need to have a query to show any customers details that have changed in a master table v a local table Cus_ID Phone_1 Phone_2 Email I have the same fields in both tables i need to have the query look at Master Table (Customer_Master) and Bring Back any records that do not match the Local...
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    Solved Update Query to Add Missing 0 at the front of a telephone number?

    Is it possible to have an update query to add a missing 0 to a telephone number
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    Solved Delete Query - Not working

    Hello, I am trying to delete all records within a Table greater than the date in another table. I have set the criteria to > [Delete_SetDate].[AppDate] The date in the table is set as 31/03/2022 - i am getting this error if i use this criteria it works >#31/03/2022# But i need to have...
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    Calling this from Module creates Windows Security to block it from running

    ' runs the batch file shell Test.cmd This is now causing the operation to fail and windows security is blocking it from running. is there another way to run a bat file from VBS/modules
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    Ms Access - backend speed Inprovment

    Hi, I am trying to gain the understanding on how changing these settings can improve the speed..
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    Solved Exporting to csv file loses number format

    I am trying to export a table to a csv file but the numbers are showing up like this Guess i need to have some formatting added to a query?
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    Solved Send email from ms access vbs from another email address?

    Is it possible to have the code changed to send the emails from a different outlook email address. this is my code.. I get this to work by creating a second profile in outlook and select that and it send correct but looking for a way now to have the code do this so the user doent need to do...
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    Solved Create an Access mail merge to email from Outlook

    Hoi, I need to have access send on a daily basis emails to customers which the data is stored in a table. Any suggestions for the best way, can i just set up access to send the emails? and also attached two pdf files
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    Is it possible to connect from access to data bricks

    looking to connect directly into data bricks data tables can this be done?
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    Dont save record if database is closed.

    I need to stop a record from being saved when the user closes the database and dots click save button on the form Seems that if you started a data entery and then stopped and just closes the database the record is saved in the able but blank?
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    Hide a field if the title (date) is 10 days old?

    So i am wondering if you can hide a field in a form if the title which is a date if its not 10 days from today field title = a date in the future with a count of available hours like 10/03/2022 14.5 11/03/2022 22.5 so i now need to hide 10/03/2022? as its 11 days from now?
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    Solved Check If Date is a Bank Holiday

    So i have this code that creates a date 12 working days from today, but i now need for it to check if the date its offering as a Bank Holiday and if so move to the next weking day. Public Function addDays(ByVal iDays As Integer, ByVal dteStart As Date) As Date Dim i As Integer Dim m As Integer...
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    Solved Query Show records before a date on a form

    So i need to have a query being back all records added before a date on a form. Tried this but didnt work <[Requests].[Date] get a prompt
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    Solved Add Prix to field

    So i need to add this to any numbers that are only 5 string long CorrectNumber:"2000" & [InvoiceNo] but i only want to correct if the current number is less than 6 ? how would i go about this please
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    Solved Form - Data Entered Must Be Greater than 10 characters

    Is it possible to have on a form something that will prompt the user entering if the number of characters within a field is less than 10, is so then pop a message to say
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    Solved Query to Trim

    Hi, I need to trim all expect the numbers 03: SET ACTION 04: SET CALL BACK 05: CLOSE just need 03 04 05 any ideas please
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    Check if the Results of two fields match?

    what's the best way to say if two fields in query match [ID]=[SID],Yes,No ?
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    Max Query not working

    So i have created a query and Max on the Record ID - this query stand alone works fine. I have another query that i then bring in the above query but its not giving me the latest record Query1: ID CustomerID Install Date EngineerNo Query2: Customer ID CustomerOrderNo CustomerInstallDate...
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    Solved Run-time error '3061'. Too few parameters. Expected 1

    I am getting this error when exporting the Query to excel I have changed this: New Order Live: IIf([22].[Serial]=[New_Order]=True,"Yes","No") Results are Yes or No to New Order Live: IIf([22].[Serial]=[New_Order]=True,Yes,No) Results are 0 or -1 Which has now stopped the error, but i...
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    Solved How to format Date to UK dd-mm-yyyy

    Hello, I need to change the formatting of this strange date layout to standard uk date 2021-11-24T01:00:00.000Z 2021-12-13T11:18:10.684Z
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