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  1. Etxezarreta

    Solved Possible to use a huge Firebase db?

    Hello all, One client asks me if we could help them operate some Firebase databases: they are huge: I have tried tiding them up to Access or Powerpivot, but it chokes before ending. I guess the queries would be very slow, or even wouldn't ever return results. Some of you people have some...
  2. Etxezarreta

    How can I know who hasn't closed the file?

    Hello everyone, I have folders and subfolders that contains different files: pdf, autocads etc.. Before I move one folder, I need to make sure that all the files in the folders are closed, and to know who is the user that hasn't closed his files. Would you have any suggestion please? Many...
  3. Etxezarreta

    Change fields names when importing

    Hello everyone, In order to import datas form an excel file, I use an intermediate Access, and the code below: it works fine, except when the field names contain special characters. So i would like to change the field names while importing: what would be the best strategy? Creating a data set...
  4. Etxezarreta

    Solved Filter with a sql string

    Hello everyone, I would like to filter a form with the following string: the parameter is at the right format (string), I ran a few tests with constants, and it works: May some help me please? Many thanks in advance! str_pub_dpt = "SELECT DISTINCT t_CrRdv.Departement" _ & " FROM...
  5. Etxezarreta

    Googlesheets as a backend?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if some of you have already used a Googlesheets back end? The context is: - 10 users all over the world+1 admin - no way to use a server or an SqlAzure device - users never change the datas in the tables, the admin person does. They use queries only, that...
  6. Etxezarreta

    Problems of migrating from Access to MySql or MariaDB

    Hello all, I had a general question: compared to a Access FE-SqlServer BE model, what are the mains challenges of using MsSql or MariaDB as a BE? For exemple, are there any functions that need to be adapted ? Many thanks in advance. Etxe.
  7. Etxezarreta

    Solved Permanently display columns of ListBox ?

    Hello all, I would like to display the different columns of ListBoxes permanently, that is to say not only when lists are dropped. When the user checks the form, without dropping lists then, he only visualizes the value of the first column, and he needs to click on the list to check the values...
  8. Etxezarreta

    Solved Syntax to populate a querydef with VBA using ADO

    Hi All, I want to populate an existing query with some vba code, but the compliation shows me an error: I habe been looking for an answer in the forum, but still clueless, any suggestion please? May thanks! str_SQL_finale = " SELECT t_ListeContacts.ID_Contact...
  9. Etxezarreta

    Changing the data model of an FE Access/BE SqlAzure

    Hello everyone, I created an Access FE/Sql Azure BE tool that works well. I would like to improve the data model, so my question is: how can I quickly and safely"import" both datas and data model form SqlAzure? I could transform each table in a local one, but my fears are: - the links would be...
  10. Etxezarreta

    Visualize a MariaDB view using ODBC

    Hi All, Hi @Steve R. , I have been tryig to use some MariaDB views, but it seems that ODBC doesn't allow to do so. However, tables are perfectly visualized. I tried to find some information in Internet, but nothing successful so far. Does someone have a clue, or could tell me where I could find...
  11. Etxezarreta

    Solved Security concerns about ODBC con between Access and MariaDB

    Hello everyone, I use an ODBC connection between a Maria DB and and a local Access DB. Every user has got his own local Access, in order to visualize data. My client seems concerned about this: he wonders how risky is an ODBC connection, and what would be the best way to maximize the security...
  12. Etxezarreta

    Best way to create a directory: Word mail merge vs Access reports?

    Hello everyone, I need to create some directories off several ERP extractions. As far as I can remember, I can use the mail merging system of Word (using labels), but an Access report would be very easy to generate as well. What I am not sure about is wether I can insert some titles or subtitles...
  13. Etxezarreta

    Create queries from an external datamodel?

    Hello all, I was asked to analyse some data that are in a MariaDB database. I firstly used Powerpivot but as the data model is quite complicated, I wonder if I can use the Access query maker instead (I cant use queries from the MariaDB database). So I have just tried: I created linked-tables...
  14. Etxezarreta

    Solved Increasing latency for an Access-SqlAzure connection?

    Hello everyone, With an Access FE-SqlAzure BE application, it happens quite often that an error message appears because the connection atempt lasts too long, or at tleast I guess this is the reason. Sometimes it works perfectly during hours. Is it possible to increase the lag time in the ODBC...
  15. Etxezarreta

    Solved Power Pivot and MySql

    Hello everyone, I want to download datas from a MySql db into Powerpivot using ODBC, and more precisely the connexion string generator included in PowerPivot. ODBC drivers have been downloaded, but I do not succeed. I know that there is another way, starting from MySql, and creating a new...
  16. Etxezarreta

    Solved Alterate a SqlAzure table field

    Hello everyone, I would like to alterate a field, from short text to long text in a SqlAzure table, used via an Access FE. What would be the best way to do so, I don't know if I need to delete and rebuild the relations between the tables. Many thanks in advance. Exte.
  17. Etxezarreta

    Solved Mandatory to install Sql Management studio to have access to a Sql Azure back-end?

    Hello everyone, I developped a Access FE-Sql Azure BE tool, that I have already installed on a few machines. It works well, but all of these users had already Sql Management studio installed. Now, I need to distribute on machines that do not have SSMS: is it mandatory to install SSMS, or is...
  18. Etxezarreta

    Solved Migrate some tables, and keep the other ones locally

    Hi, I will migrate an Access back end into Sql Azure, but I do need to keep a couple of those at the local level, as I use them to select rows with yes/no fields before sending the data into to the proper table. What would be the best and safest way to do so please? Many thanks in advance. Etxe.
  19. Etxezarreta

    Solved Subform based on a querydefs would't refresh

    Hello everyone, I have a form called "sf_re_ResultatRecherche" based on a querydefs called "re_ResultatRecherche". This form is included in a form called "DSP_RDV_PREPA_f_CreationListeAppels": the name of the subform in the form is sff_re_ResultatRecherche. When the VBA code runs, the querydefs...
  20. Etxezarreta

    Solved Load a "semi-automatic" combo in a subform

    Hello, I use the following code to populate a combo in a form called f_GestionPF. I have been trying to do the same thing to populate a combo called "combo_ProduitSemiFini" in the subform called "sf_CompositionProduitsFinis" of this form, I know the problem sets in this code line ...
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