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  1. LanaR

    Insert Into SQL Syntax

    The following SQL works fine as a Query StrSQL = "INSERT INTO TBL_TastNote ( WineID, AuthID, [Note] ) " & _ "SELECT TBL_Wine.WineID, TBL_Wine.Wine, 4 AS Expr1, 'See Attatched PDF' AS Expr2 " & _ "FROM TBL_Wine " & _ "WHERE...
  2. LanaR

    Solved Sample DB Update?

    @ghudson do you have a newer version of the Browse [Find a directory or file]? The version at the link is .mdb which is not compatible with current versions of Access
  3. LanaR

    Solved Strange Form Behaviour

    In a long-term DB, I have a search from that had been working flawlessly. However, when I opened the DB this morning and tried loading the form I got a series of "Enter Parameter Value" dialogue boxes (relating to controls on the form) culminating in an "Error 3 Return without GoSub!", then when...
  4. LanaR

    Solved Moving Focus on a Continuous Form

    I believe that the normal behaviour of a continuous form, is that when the Record Selector is clicked the focus moves as the mouse button is depressed. All good (y) What I am trying to achieve is to open a (filtered) pop-up form that is based on the record that has been clicked. I am using the...
  5. LanaR

    Solved Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch

    I must be missing something very basis as the following is throwing a Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch Dim rst As Recordset Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone On the Set command The code is in the On Click event of a button
  6. LanaR

    Find and Replace Accented Characters

    If you have imported data that has originated in a non-English-speaking country, you will find that words containing accented characters might not get picked up in searches or that filters fail. This function can be used to search a string and replace such characters with standard Latin...
  7. LanaR

    Discriminate between upper and lower case characters

    I'm working on a routine to strip out accented characters from a string and replace them with standard Latin characters. The code does pretty much what I'm looking for, except that it doesn't seem to discriminate between upper and lower case characters. The code looks in part like; Select...
  8. LanaR

    Udemy; Microsoft Access VBA for Non Programmers

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question. If not (mods) please move it :) I'm just wondering if anyone has any feed back on Udemy in general and in the above course specifically? At AUD 19.99 (down from AUD 124.99 for the next 5 hours) I don't see a downside given that...
  9. LanaR

    Solved Data Type Mismatch in Delete Query SQL

    The following SQL is throwing a 3464 Run time error Data type mismatch in criteria expression 'SQL statment to delete exsiting record(s) relating to current wine StrSQL = "DELETE TBL_WineGrape.WineID, TBL_WineGrape.WineGrapeID " & _ "FROM TBL_WineGrape " & _...
  10. LanaR

    Click v Double Click

    I have, or rather had, both a click and double click events on a sub form in datasheet view. On their own, each performed their task as expected. However, when both were enabled at the same time, the Click event was firing in preference to the double click event firing. My understanding is click...
  11. LanaR

    Further Adventures in SQL Append query Syntax

    @arnelgp base on the code you produced for me earlier I am now trying to expand that concept. I have a de-normalised table containing grape synonyms eg. Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris / Grauburg What I'm trying to do is split them into 2 new records (in this case, in others it could be one or...
  12. LanaR

    Solved SQL Append Syntax Error

    I've been banging my head on my keyboard for some time of this piece of code QryAppend = "INSERT INTO TBL_Grape2 [( Grape )] " & _ "values ( '" & GrapeSendStr & "' ) ;" When it tries to run, I'm getting a "Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement". I'm sure it's something very...
  13. LanaR

    Format Form Caption

    I suspect I know the answer to this question (and it is "NO") already, but just wanted to check; Is it possible to format the Form Caption, i.e. to change the colour of the text, partially or wholly, or bold /italic it?
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