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    Highway Star

    If you love Highway Star as much as I do, and you enjoy listening and watching Drums, this one may entertain you for 5 minutes. I really liked 2:55 ~ 310 and the ending.
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    Is it possible to copy all tables from an accde file to an accdb without loosing the relationships between tables? I can recreate the relationships in target file, but if there's a way to copy tables with their relationship, it would be a great help. Unfortunately the database is not split and...
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    First event of a Database

    To execute a function as soon as a database opens, I added a RunCode to the top of Autoexec macro. To my surprise, Autoexec wasn't the first. On_Open event of the first form (Current database option : Display form) was triggered before autoexec macro. Is there anywhere else (prior to first...
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    How to add a text to PDF?

    I've been searching for a way to add a text to a pdf file for more than a week. But unfortunately no luck to find any. Everything that I've found, adds a form and then a textbox and fills the textbox. I don't want to add a form to pdf. I need to add a text. I don't need a form. I need to add a...
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    How secure SQL Server is?

    Not that I have a problem, I'm just trying to figure out how things work. Scenario: Active Directory with a Windows Server 2016 machine as the Domain Controller Sql Server Express 2019. Authentication is set to mixed mode. Clients : Windows 11, 10 Access database FE has linked tables to sql...
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    Face the truth - Relational intelligence

    I came across a post in TikTok a while back and it made me think hard about marriage. I read all several thousands replies to the post and I saw how different people with different backgrounds think about relationship. I started reading on-line articles and watching a lot of clips on this title...
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    Previous versions of Office

    We have several 3D CMM (3D Lazer Coordinate Measuring Machines). The computer is a hp pc running on Windows 7 Professional. As our parts are getting more and more complex, it's hard to work with printed results. The Measuring software is able to export the result to Excel. According to Office...
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    Solved How to re-declare a public variable?

    I have the following public variable declared in a module: Option Explicit Public OrdersRibbon As IRibbonUI Then I have a function that runs from AutoExec and creates a xml statement and sets it as the default ribbon for the database: Public Function LoadRibbons() ..... ' create the...
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    What happened to Delete Button?

    After posting a new thread, before any reply being posted to my question, I was able to click Edit button and then Delete my post. I think I used the button two or three times for various reasons. Now the Delete button is gone (for the first post in the thread). Is the delete button gone for...
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    How to activate a ribbon?

    I have a custom ribbon (OrdersRibbon) with StartFromScratch="true" which contains 9 tabs, each one filled with its groups and controls. I added another ribbon (ReportsRibbon) with StartFromScratch="False". Then set this ribbon as the default ribbon for one of my reports. (Design view- Other Tab...
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    How to change table template?

    Is there any way to change the default row height, grid color or other properties of tables in Access? I looked into Options-object Designer settings but I couldn't find anything there. As I'm getting older and older, it's getting harder and harder to see the values in tables records. So to...
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    How to send a job to a specific Printer?

    This is Outlook VBA question. The following code prints selected mails in current folder : Public Sub test() Dim Mail As Outlook.MailItem Set Mail = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection(1) Mail.PrintOut End Sub How can I send print job to a specific printer, not windows...
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    How to write a Distinct query based on a cross tab?

    I create a cross tab sql based on a lot of situations in vba. Now before I open a report based on this sql, I need another sql statement that shows distinct values of one of the fields. My union query: UnionSql = SELECT SupplierFK,QuotePK, ... other fields from first table ..... FROM...
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    Solved How to close a database?

    I'm trying to close another database if it's opened. it seems there's a method for this purpose, but Microsoft doesn't offer any example of the usage. This is what I have so far: Dim Pth As String Pth = CurrentProject.path & "\AnotherDatabase.laccdb" If fFileExists(Pth) Then...
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    How to access text property of a textbox?

    I'm trying to check if a user has typed a + sign in an unbound multi line text box or not. If yes, I will run a function to do some specific actions. I've tested with OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp & OnChange events. And receive the same error message in each case. Access keeps telling me (if I understand...
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    Solved How to find OS default printer?

    Is there any way to find the name of current default printer? (OS side not Access side) I can set the default printer by : Dim W As New WshNetwork W.SetDefaultPrinter ("MyPrinterName") But how I can retrieve the name of current default printer? Thanks for any kind of advice.
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    Cyber Threat Real Time Map

    To my surprise, Russia is the most attacked Country. & China sits in the third place.
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    Solved How to execute a variable that holds the name of a function?

    I have a string variable that holds the name of a function. I can run the function this way : Sub test() Action = "fEmergencies" Run (Action) End Sub Function fEmergencies(Optional sit As Boolean = False, Optional Trigger As String = "frmSwitchBoard") ' Do something here end...
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    Are you using a starter to update the FE?

    I use the bat method to update clients' Front Ends. Searching the forum to find a better method, I noticed there's a starter app method too. So far I see @isladogs @arnelgp & @bastanu suggesting using a starter app. I have several questions for you if you prefer starter over bat. What happens...
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    What this section is called and how can I hide it?

    How can I hide this section in a database with customized ribbon? Quick Access Toolbar is already set to hidden and doesn't show. Microsoft 365 Win 11 Thanks.
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