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    Solved MS Access 2007 VBA "Unable to load dll"

    A few days ago I began receiving the error, "Unable to load dll." I've tried everything in my meager knowledge to solve the problem: Repair the Office 2007 Pro Plus, Uninstall Office 2007, reinstall. Decompiled the accdb (I think), recompile. I even tried deleting the module entries to start...
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    Solved Default value

    I have a table with a text default value. Is there a way, when I enter the field on a form, to go to the end of the text (to add more text) instead of the entire text being highlighted?
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    Solved Function /Sub

    Just for my info. I have two Functions that give a result for the last digit of a UPC-A and result for an alphanumeric for a UPC-A font. When I look in VB there is a Sub for each one also. Why?
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    Excel Lookup for VBA

    Is there anyway to accomplish this Excel function in VBA? A5 =0, returns P A5 =1,returns Q A5 =5,returns U etc... =LOOKUP(LEFT($A$5,1),{"0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9"},{"P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y"})[/CODE
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    Solved Access crash

    Hi all! Been away from Access for 12 years. Lost my hard drive along with Access 97. Recently bought a Office Pro Plus 2007 for a couple of $$ with Access. Quite a difference in the look and feel. Got a db set up for my wife with very few problems. The main problem I have is Access hangs for...
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