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    form to form value

    I have a form (main) that has a command button that opens (bulk) another form (specific record) based on field [IDnumber]. How can I double click on a field on the bulk form and have it populate a field with that value on the main form? I can make it work if it's on the same form but not to...
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    Event Next Record

    What event would I use if I wanted something (empty an unbound field) if I go to the next record?
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    combine fields with return

    I would like to combine four fields (path, password, username, name) into a unbound text box. But I would like them to be stacked. So, need a return after each field. I tried Chr(10) Should look like this... path password username name
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    Multiple Dates

    I'm using the following code in a query but can't seem to get what I need... Date: IIf(Not IsNull([Manalysisdate1]),[Manalysisdate1],IIf(Not IsNull([Manalysisdate2]),[Manalysisdate2],IIf(Not IsNull([Manalysisdate3]),[Manalysisdate3],IIf(Not IsNull([Manalysisdate4]),[Manalysisdate4]))))...
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    less than date

    I'm working with a datesent field in a query. I do not want records from today and less than 14 days. So, I don't want to see records from 3/18/22 to 4/1/22 Not Date()-14 like this?
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    lngLookup in multiple fields

    I'm using the following code to check if a number exists. How can I change it so it looks in the other fields too? Other fields: Msamplenumber2, Msamplenumber3 and Msamplenumber4 Private Sub Msamplenumber1_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) Dim lngLookup1 As Variant lngLookup1 =...
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    Not Null Query

    In a query, how can I exclude all records where field1, field2 and field3 are NOT null? All three fields must have some value in it to be excluded. Thanks
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    Split Sorting

    I run a report every month that shows me records that are due based on a due date. So, for next month, I will change my query to be <=4/30/22. The entire report is descending on the due date. Anyway to have the current month (April) be ascending and the rest of the report descending? Thanks.
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    Query Issue

    I have a query that returns the following records. I would like it to show Field1, Field2, Field3 (no records where they are all blank and records where a value is in either field1 and/or field2 and/or field3) I'm using the query wizard but can't seem to figure out the correct sequence.
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    VBA Print Error

    I have a print button on a report. Just recently, I'm getting an error when I click the button. When I click it a second time, it prints just fine. Anyone experience anything like this? This just starting happening in the last week or so...
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    combine fields

    I have a field on a form that has a value of "\files\pdf\abc.pdf How can I create an unbound field that takes just the "abc.pdf" value and combines it. I want the new field value to look like this: ="" & "abc.pdf"
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    Or Statement

    I'm using the following. Report ID: IIf([Msamplenumber1] Like "*H*" Or [Msamplenumber2] Like "*H*","In Progress",[Mreportid]) How can I add if Mreportid is null, then "Empty" to the above statement? Thanks
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    Command Button

    What is the vba code for: afterupdate, goto a command button and click it?
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    Combine Statements

    How would I combine these statements? Default for image1 is not visible. If Me.Mdid = "ABC123" Then Me.image1.Visible = True Else Me.image1.Visible = False If Me.Mdid = "DEF123" Then Me.image1.Visible = True Else Me.image1.Visible = False If Me.Mdid = "GHI123" Then Me.image1.Visible = True...
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    Change to hyperlink

    I have a table with a text field that I want to change to a hyperlink. I'm getting this error? The table has about 36,000 records.
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    Popup Info

    What would cause this to stop popping up after the search did not find something? All of a sudden, this (below) does not popup. Strange...
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    How can I create a form that has a button with an input field where I can put in a number. It would generate that many records incrementing by one for each record? So, the table would have some number, say 5005 and I would enter 25 and get 25 records plus 1. Thanks.
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    I'm using the following code to disable a field if something is true but can't seem to get it to work... Not sure why it's not working? If Me.Mcid Like "STAT*" Then Me.Mstandard.Enabled = False Else Me.Mstandard.Enabled = True
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    Combine Statement

    How can I combine these into one statement? Msampleid1 or Msampleid2 DoCmd.OpenForm "TextSend", acNormal, "", "[Msampleid1]=" & "'" & SampleID & "'", , acNormal DoCmd.OpenForm "TextSend", acNormal, "", "[Msampleid2]=" & "'" & SampleID & "'", , acNormal
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    Paste Limit

    How can I change the amount of data you can paste? I think Access has a limit?
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