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    Solved Update query - Yes/No fields - "Not" operator not working

    I want to run an update query so that when I update the Yes/No field of an individual record to "Yes", all other records in the table are updated to "No". No more than one record in the table would have the "Yes" value. My approach is to use an update query that has the criteria that where ID...
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    Yes/No - Update 1 record to YES and change all other records to NO

    What is the easiest way to update all records in a table so that when one is selected to YES, all other records are updated to NO? The table is designed to keep track of statements, with only one statement being the "Endorsed" statement but the other iterations being kept track in the table. At...
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    Hi everybody

    Hi Everybody New to the forum. First learnt MS Access over 20 years ago during a high school computer class. Now starting my own business and need to get back into learning how to database properly.
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