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    A little help with If, Else and Exit sub

    I have a form where a production order can be stopped by the button "btn_StopOrdre". However certain conditions must bet met in order to do this. First criteria - If no choice has been made in combo box "cbm_Medarbejder" a message box tells the operator to fill it out. Second criteria - If the...
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    If statement with two criteria

    Hi I have a button on form "frm_ctn_List" called btn_StopOrdre. In the "on click" event of this I would like to show a msgbox if field [MedarbejderID] in table "tbl_TidsTabel" equals combobox "cbm_Medarbejder" value. and field [On] in table "tbl_TidsTabel" equals 0 Otherwise open form...
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    Combobox value for multiple filter criteria in a Query

    I have a combo-box on a Form based on a Query which I would like to filter by department. The actual filtering is done by an "Item Category" field. The Item category is usually a 5 figure value. The combo-box populate at hidden textbox on the form. This textbox is referenced in the filter...
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    text box that look up value from another table than the forms record source

    Hi Totally new to access vba so bare over with me if I ask stupid questions :) I have a text box on a continuous form where I would like to show a value from another table that the forms record source. I would like to look up "AntalEmnerProduceret" from the table "tbl_TidsTabel" where field...
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