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  1. gemma-the-husky

    A PDF from a Rest API

    I am stuck on this point. Supposedly a GETPDF retrieves a PDF. What it actually retrieves is a string, and I am struggling to find the right way to process the string to then be able to save it as a viewable PDF. I tried changing it to an array of bytes, and tried to encode/decode/whatever to...
  2. gemma-the-husky

    Squid Game

    It's getting better all the while. The tug of war episode was terrific (episode 5?), and then came the marvellous marbles episode. (episode 6?)
  3. gemma-the-husky


    I was just listening to a discussion on Radio 5 about dyslexia being unrecognized in schools. Is dyslexia real? I can't imagine anyone posting on AWF being dyslexic, any more than I can imagine us having trouble with arithmetic.
  4. gemma-the-husky

    Why an Accdb is better than an Mdb - The Vital Improvements

    In the light of a thread that was started to ask about learning resources, I thought it would be useful if there was a single thread to identify useful new features in Access since A97 or maybe A2003. ie since mdb's became accdb's I was happy with A97, but moved to A2003 when A97 just became...
  5. gemma-the-husky

    Subreport Sorting

    I am sure this has been covered before - anyway, a client 's database prepares invoices by printing the invoice detail on a subreport, linked by invoice number. Now, they want the lines on the subreport to be in date order, but try as I might, I can't get the subreport to sort in date order...
  6. gemma-the-husky

    Mysterious Disappearing Keys

    On a few occasions, I have seen tables where the primary key, and indeed other indexes had disappeared, leading to at best performance issues, and at worst table updates failing. There's no data loss as far as I can see. I am not sure if this might be caused by bugs such as the recent 3340...
  7. gemma-the-husky

    Locked Records

    I have had a couple of references to "locked records" preventing some DBS functions working correctly in a normal database. Simlar messages, but not idenitcal. Assuming all users have database options set to "No locks", are there any circumstances in which Access might still come across a...
  8. gemma-the-husky

    Read Access Options

    I am trying to find a way to read access options settings. For instance, I want to make sure that access is set to "shared access", and "No record locks", and maybe some other things. I have been able to find the "record locking" by a bit of trial and error, but I can't find everything. Is...
  9. gemma-the-husky

    Send Keys

    The only thing I use sendkeys for is to send an {esc} key. (undo) I just tried it, and it failed "permisison denied - error 70" What should I do to undo an invalid entry in a control, in the control before update event. It's a legal entry but correctly rejected. This form happend to be...
  10. gemma-the-husky

    cdo woes

    Having spend a while on this, I can create and send an smtp message, and add atttachments. A2016 For some reason I am unable to declare set MyMessage as cdo.message I tried to add cdosys.dll, but it won't add it. However, I can late bind an object with set mymessage =...
  11. gemma-the-husky

    ftp woes

    VBA code to run an ftp script is failing, but only on some computers. The script logs in to an ftp site, does an ls to get a file listing, then does an mget * to collect the files filename is a text file with a sequence of commands for ftp to implement From the OS prompt this works ftp...
  12. gemma-the-husky

    Rogue Column in a csv file

    :banghead: Hi. I have a somewhat similar issue to this thread. Anyway This is My Problem I am trying to import a csv file without a file spec, to a new table. All appears fine. I delete the existing table and...
  13. gemma-the-husky

    Emailing with Office 2013

    Useful update previously with A2003, I have been getting errors when trying to send emails, and assumed there was a compatibility issue. today, I inadvertently clicked the email button, and surprisingly the email was sent. So I presume MS have issued an update to fix either A2003...
  14. gemma-the-husky

    Compare Objects in a Database

    I had 2 copies of a large database, and I wanted to determine whether any objects had changed between the 2 versions. I wrote this module to store the created and last modified dates of all the objects. (Tables, Forms, Reports, Modules). Tables and Queries are both included in a single...
  15. gemma-the-husky

    Windows Update Kb 3085515 - DBS Fails to start

    Just a heads-up in case anyone gets strange "run time errors" on database startup. MS issued this update in the last day or two, which causes mde's/accde's to fail (under Acc 2010 only?), and probably any mdb accdb referencing an .de version. MS:
  16. gemma-the-husky

    Access talking to Excel

    A couple of things. a) how do you address a tab with a space in it, in excel from access vba I tried sheetassign = chr(39) & "tab name" & chr(39) Set exSheet = exBook.Worksheets(sheetassign) currently, I've taken the space out of the tab name, but I just wondered how it should be...
  17. gemma-the-husky

    Compare 2 Code Modules

    I just had a situation where I wanted to check whether code had been changed in two versions of a form. It's a pain doing it by inspection - so I put together this little code snippet. a) It doesn't check that both forms exist. b) when it finds a difference it shows 100 characters before and...
  18. gemma-the-husky

    Easier Posting

    A couple of suggestions/thoughts CODE BUTTON Could the "code" button be added to the quick reply pane, rather than the advanced pane. MULTIPLE SPACES Is there any easy way to enter spaces within text. If you want to demonstrate columns of data, it is very difficult as multiple...
  19. gemma-the-husky

    cumbersome coding style

    I can't offhand think of an example of this, but from time to time, I want to do something, and carryon whether or not I got a run time error - but I can't just use an onerrror resume next, because the error will need some action. so I end with this sort of thing ... on error goto...
  20. gemma-the-husky

    Change the Date()

    Just wondering ... I have a new dbs that makes heavy use of date() as a basis for various reports. What I think I may want to do is use a different date instead, so that I can prepare some reports as of the financial year end, after the real date has moved to a new financial year...
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