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    Concatenate values from detail section in group header

    Hi! I’m just wondering if there is any way how to use some kind of “ConcatRelated” function (you know, from Allen Browne) in report so that values from detail section would concatenate in particular header. I mean, if Access can sum values, show me the first or last value, etc, there must be...
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    Compare string with records in table (query?)

    Hi! I have bloody dirty database which I'm trying to clean up. It is basically reference management database I created by export of my references from EndNote. My issue is that AUTHORS Field (which is temporary until I do cleanup) is string of concatenated authors with “;”as separator. It is...
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    Split table to multiple 1:1 relationships?

    Hi! I would be very grateful for your help regarding my issue: I have Expense Tracking Database. Main Table is list of Expenses with value of transactions: tblExpenses ExpenseID (PK) CategoryID (FK) Note (text) Value (Currency) 1 1 Bla bla bla -256 USD For a lot of expenses in this...
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    Put attributes into one or two tables?

    Hi, I'm thinking about design of my database of expenses. The issue I have is when I put expense related to car, i want to add also info about (other than Autonumber ID and related expense ID): CAR ID Odometer value and in case of Fuel also fueled liters. And that is the problem. Do I have to...
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    In-table relations

    Hi guys, is it possible and/or optimal from the point of relational database to have in-table relationships? My issue: I have Table called Car Logbook where I put mileages I have traveled. When i travel somewhere I always put total tachometer value (Tachometer End Mileages) and Distance into...
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    Greetings from Noruen

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I decided to join your community as I have found a lot of very helpful topics/answers here. I currently decided to move few of my databases to Access from Excel. I resisted for years to do so, totally ignoring Access as one of possibilities for my issues. So now I'm...
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