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    On Click Buttons and Population

    Good morning from sunny London, Long story short, i work in a construction firm where the guys on site need to order materials but are very vague about what they are after, often causing mistake orders and delaying construction programme. This database started as an excel spreadsheet (32000+...
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    Solved Add existing record to new table

    Hi everyone, I have created a database that has materials that we order on a regular basis. The idea is for our site team to search the items they want to order, add them to a order request and then send it to our buyers. Our buyers will then take this, pull the records from the O.R and put it...
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    Solved VBA Code for Search function with list box

    Hi All, I have previously used access and new enough to get by. I have since been asked to build a material database for our buyers so that they can search for items they need and add them to a purchase order. I have tried various versions of code that i have found on here but nothing seems to...
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