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    Help with custom format in Primary Value Axis

    Good morning, I want to display my primary axis (Y-axis) values as xxxk (2k for example). But the chart's Property Sheet drop down menu does not allow custom formatting. It only limits choices to a handful of Access formats. Is there a way to insert custom formatting numbers in Access...
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    Invalid Object Name error when referencing a temporary T-SQL table in query

    Hello, I will try to do my best explaining this error, please be patient with me. I have a VBA code that loads values from an Access table into a temporary T-SQL table. The purpose is to do the required math using the server's processor. The logic works perfect if I debug.print the SQL...
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    Solved Help adjusting chart's min/max Y-Axis value using code

    Hello, In Excel it is possible to adjust the min/max Y-axis values using code. Can this be done in Access? I have included an example where due to the Y-values starting from 0, it is hard to appreciate the differences. I can manually adjust the minimum, but this is a chart template that gets...
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    Solved Can I run FORMAT function using VBA?

    Hello. My code reads a number from a table and needs to be converted to string. In Excel's VBA you can use application.worksheetFunction to trigger any Excel Formula, but I cannot find that same type of code in Access. My line would look somethin like this, StrIDLocator = FORMAT(me.Number...
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