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    Group by date

    Hi, I am close to making this work:confused: I have this table attending_res_name actcase_start_datetime minutes S_X 7/1/2017 8 S_X 7/1/2017 7...
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    SSRS date

    Hi, I created a report in ssrs with 2 parameters. Startdate and Enddate I want to default startdate to show today' date starting at Midnight and enddate to default to now. I am able to get Enddate to work but not Startdate thanks in advance.
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    ssrs date question

    Hi, I have an ssrs report with 2 parameters. start date with expression: =DateAdd("d",-1,Today()) and end date with expression: = today() it works but query return date after midnight. I want End date to return yesterday's date up to 11:59PM only Thank you.
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    Mid question in SSRS

    Hi, I am trying to retrieve a number from a field where it's between = and = I have tried mid =mid(Fields!PRE_LAB_VAL.Value,4,4) but not working PRE_LAB_VAL --------------------------Result PT=45.7=02/07/2002-----------------45.7 RTS=51=02/07/2002------------------51...
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    if statement in ssrs Report

    Hi all, I am new in ssrs report. I created a report with a drop down and so far that worked. I want to put a code that say something like this, if drop down is equal to FFS I want another column to equal only certain data (for example ddM, ssq) I am also not sure where the...
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    Hi, I am stuck on the following and I need help. I added an autonumber for each record and it worked doing this under formula fields: WhilePrintingRecords; Global NumberVar x; x:=x+1; x what's not working is when I have 2 similar records I want to show each with unique number. for...
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    Help with query count

    Hi, This query does everything I need except one thing and I am reaching out to expert out there for help. Thanks in advance. SELECT DISTINCT Data.date_prescribed, (SELECT Count(*) FROM [Data] WHERE [Data].edi="T" OR [Data].printed="3") AS TotalPres, (SELECT Count(*) FROM [Data] WHERE...
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    Query not filter correctly

    Hi, I am trying to filter this query column (EBL) to give any # greater then 1500 but I am getting all. EBL column in the table is text. SELECT SAEXPORT.[Patient ID], SAEXPORT.[PT-NAME], [SAEXPORT ADD DATA].EBL, SAEXPORT.[Delivery Maternal Comps v2] FROM SAEXPORT INNER JOIN [SAEXPORT ADD...
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    Hi, I have this query: ID Attending Trauma RN Date 1 A No Yes 1/1/12 1 A Yes No 2/1/12 1 B No Yes 1/1/12 1 A...
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    Export several queries to one exce sheet

    Hi, I do know how to export a query to excel, Is there a way to export several queries to one excel sheet in Access 2007? Thanks in advance
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    Move data from row to column?

    Hi, I don't know if this is possible but I appreciate any help in solving it. I have table like this: Name ID pcs Dim Joe 123 obc Coc Joe 123 obc Boc Joe 123 bc Doc Bob 323 bc Sat Bob 323 bc Dork Bob 323 bc...
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    Query generating duplicate

    Hi, Anyone has the answer to this issue please let me know. It sounds easy but I can't seem to solve it. I am using Access 2007. Thanks in advance. I have 2 tables with data same number of columns. when I linked them in a query I get duplicate data. Table 1 Patient MRN DelTime Type Art...
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    import txt file to access 2007

    Hi, I am trying to import a text file to a database but I am getting 3 rows for each record because the txt file is setup the same way. How do I fix the issue? txt file stores the data like this: line 1 name ssn dob line 2 add city zip line 3 pcp nurse those 3 lines belong to the...
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    Insert a row from one excel tab to another

    Hi, I have struggled with this to make it work. I did not create the excel sheet it was given to me already done. If this is not clear please let me know. the excel sheet with 2 tabs. one tab contains the following fields (name, dob, ID, dis, nurse, art) The other tab has fields ( Name...
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    LogIn form question

    Hi, I have this login form in Access 2003 which works perfect. I want to add one more thing but I do not know how. I want a message to pop up when the password is typed wrong. Right now if the password is typed wrong it goes to microsoft login screen. Here is the code I have behind the...
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    Can't backup a secured database

    Hi I have devloped a multi user application that required user level security. Works fine except when I want to back up the database I get this message that I don't have permission to do so. I gave myself admin rights. Does anyone knows why I can't backup the database? thanks
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    Update Query

    Hi, Can anyone tell me why this is not updating the table? UPDATE FMPSL SET MODE_PREM = ([2010]/12) WHERE (((DatePart("m",(DateAdd("m",1,Date()))))=DatePart("m",[FMPSL].[REG_DATE])) AND (([MODE])="M")); Thanks.
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    OLE Error

    Hi, I searched everywhere for an answer but no luck please let me if you encountered this issue before and you have an answer. Thanks in advance We have this database (Access 2003) shared by 6 users. We have a linked object that open a pdf file when clicked on. It works for all users except...
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    Link PDF file to a record using vba

    Hi all, I have this database to keep track of our company's licenses. It works fine. We have about 250 records, each record contains licensee's info and also has an ole field linked to a folder that gets updated directly from the form. All the linked files are pdf files. Whenever we...
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    Append Access report data to an excel sheet.

    Hi, I have a report gruoped by Owner that I was able to export to an excel sheet using the following code: DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "FinalReport", acFormatXLS, "C:\FinalRep.xls", True It's working but.. everytime I export it, it creates a brand new report. I would like to append data...
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