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    How do I group rankings??

    Hi all, I have used Allen Browne's suggested method of ranking to rank by the date each client settled... Now I need to group the rankings by the referring company as below... so it ranks each client referred by referral company from earliest to latest - like so...
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    Need to build a query to show ranking/order of sales

    Hi all, I am creating a db for our sales team, we have commission incentive kickers (e.g. after the 3rd deal, commission goes from 10% to 20%). I need to build a query to show the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc deal for each sales person. I have the 'Sold Date' and 'Sales Person' in a query, but not...
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    Why does access keep asking me to enter parameters?

    Hi all, I am very very new to access, i have built a database with a query that has a couple of calculations, they seem fine in the datasheet view, but i keep getting asked to enter a parameter value. I have attached my access file to have a look at. Thank you in advance!
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    Need help with filtering report to only show current month's report

    Hi all, Let me start off by saying that I am VERY new to MS Access! The aim of what I am doing is to create a monthly statement to give to our intermediaries that shows the commission they will receive each month for the deals they have referred. I have managed to create this report, HOWEVER I...
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    Accessing Crystal Reports through MS Access

    Hi all, I am using MS Access 2010, building my first ever access database. I have worked out how to pull data from excel however, I am now trying to pull data from Crystal Reports 10. I am using the ODBC button, however I keep getting an error, along the lines of "need to install driver"...
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