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    Search Button Macro give incorrect field

    I've attached screen shots of the search macro and forms in use. I am not certain how the macro is working. It is supposed to be searching for the Episode ID and when selected should open the info for who it belongs to. However, it is putting that id into the participant name and bringing over...
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    duplicate index

    client on entry into form that is linked to main form not able to enter data Keep getting the duplicate index error. The field is an auto generated ID Compacted and repaired to no avail. This is a split db I have looked in the tables for anything that might show the dup entry, but, find...
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    nested iif with Sum

    =Sum(IIf([Date]<#7/1/2019#,IIf([GrpIndiv]="Individual",([Hours])*50.23,(IIf([GrpIndiv]="Individual",([Hours])*50.26))))) THis only works for those meeting the 1st criteria...not if it's > 7/1 What am I missing? I get no data at all for the 7/1 criteria.
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    rpt runs with 2 parameters that must be true

    The field admin_nbr_value is a multiselect. I want the report to run only if there is an "Initial" and "Termination" selected from admin_nbr_value field; which means the client filled out 2 separate forms. Each form has data associated with it that is being aggregated to show increase/decrease...
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    formula help

    using this formula in a report. selecting 3/1/19 as beginadmitdate and 3/31/19 endadmitdate if the fields in report have dates in those ranges in some fashion, the formula works, however, the last formula is not calculating the diff if the dates do not fall in any of the above arrays. ex...
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    best practice for multiple drop down flds

    Client is asking for analysis of data. Have numerous fields holding said data, most contain drop downs, some are yes/no I start with 1 qry grabbing all client ID's with all the populated fields. CLient is asking for a totla(e.g. languages being spoken, as well as nbr of males/females speaking...
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    copy db structure only

    currently have a .accdb for 1 of our sites. running fine. Another site is looking to use the same db only with their input. How do I copy the entire db with just the structure and not data in the tables? do I need to do each individual table? There's soooo many.
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    archive old records in split db

    Looking to clean up a huge db that is split. would like to move previous yrs data of the 2 tables to a separate archived table. How do I do this without screwing up the link? I've previously copied tables and removed old rows then put table back, with that becoming messy as the queries were then...
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    adding table to backend db

    Using Access 2016 Split db. did not select 1 of the tables when linking I now need to get that table into the be which is located on a backup copy of db Can I just import to the backend? And then, will I have to install new front end copy to everyone? or can I find in front end and link from...
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    table not populating

    have to put my Access hat on this week. I created a table (tblsvctimes) I created a query(qrysvctimes) using table and created 2 fields using calculations to generate hrs and minutes I use this query in a subform linked to mainform by svcticketID. I populate the subform in couple different...
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    control reference error

    =[Forms]![EpisodeTable subform]![EpisodeID#] My formula to populate a field in a subform from another subform. Keep getting the #NAME? error on the field. Do I need to also reference the main form in this control? I just can't think anymore, and I've done this numerous times in the past...
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    userid code work for all but 1 form

    I have a form upon opening a MSAccess 2016 db. It grabs the UserID. Option Compare Database Private Declare Function apiGetUserName Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias _ "GetUserNameA" (ByVal lpBuffer As String, nSize As Long) As Long Function fOSUserName() As String ' Returns the network login name...
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    no site admin

    Is it possible to get into an mdb that has security permissions and no one is able to make you a user of a group that has those permissions?
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    query relationships

    I've copied a table and added new fields I appended old records from old table without new fields. renamed old table and used the existing table name for the updated table. The original table was called episode table and I kept that name with the new fields added so would not have to change...
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    detail recs not show on form

    created a client form and placed in the details section of a form The form footer contains a tabbed section of subforms to go along with said client form. when form in view mode and all the fields are not populated in the client details section, it will only show those fields which are...
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    email Field on a form setup as hyperlink. Client would like to remove this, easy enough... However, in our quest to remove link...notice that over half of the 9k+ addresses have extra added on to the end of email addy. example: this is at end of email addylink...
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    not able to save records on form

    I have this form. It's been running correctly until.... They wanted yrs of data purged. I ran a query to find the Client ID's with old yrs and no activity. Appended to the structure only of a new table. Replaced/renamed old table with the new data and changed the new table name to what it was...
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    between min/max dates title

    Trying to place a title on a report with many subreports all using the same table. Included in this table is a date field. ="Between " & Min([TBLNewMthlyClients].[IntakeDate]) & " and " & Max([TBLNewMthlyClients].[Intakedate]) get a #error on report run. Obviously, control not correct...
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    Insert into

    I have a main form which has a couple of controls being populated with a query. I want to have those controls (if null) inserted into a subform containing a table. Where do I put the expression Insert Into on that control? After Update? Any and all help appreciated.
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    criteria needed in more than 6 fields

    How do we run a query that has 20+ fields needing a criteria of is not null in each field?
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