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    Solved VBA access to outlook email with table: aligning table cells

    Hi! I am pulling some data from Access to send as table (table without borders). Private Sub Command71_Click() Dim strQry As String Dim aHead(1 To 2) As String Dim aRow(1 To 2) As String Dim aBody() As String Dim lCnt As Long Dim rst Dim strEmailto As String...
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    Solved Saving Query to Excel and Naming Worksheet

    I'm trying to save a query to excel, which I am able to do just fine. I'd like to assign a new tab (worksheet) to the excel sheet. Got that as well. Where I'm struggling is trying to NAME the excel tab/worksheet the name of a field on the form I am running the code on. So if in my form the...
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    Create VBA for opening and replacing range of cells in Excel Worksheet

    So I am taking data from a query "CHL" and pasting it into an Excel file. I got that to work fine. I would also like to then in Column I - remove the wording "CHL" from any cells in that range. (my code in bold below) I'm very new with VBA, so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious... but I...
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    Formatting text in field as upper AND lower as typed

    I have a standard text field in a form. When I type the text, it automatically converts it to ProperCase. (I.e., JRoss becomes Jross.) I know how to format to all upper or lower case, however, I can't for the life of me figure out how to have it read exactly as typed! Thoughts? Michele
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    Some database functions not working depending on which computer

    Why would some command buttons work on my computer, but not on another on a shared network drive? Command button to open report (written in VBA), and the "Not On List" function works fine on mine, but not on my colleagues. We had IT re-install Office Suite on her computer and still no change...
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    Updating a field in parent form from sub-form

    I am trying to update the background color of a field in my sub-form's parent form. ------------- Private Sub Combo23_AfterUpdate() If Me![Status] = "Pending: Waiting for Authorization" Then Me.Parent.OverallStatus.BackColor = QBColor(6) End If End Sub ---------------- It works by...
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    Sequentially numbering records in a query

    I can't seem to find an answer to this, if there is one. I am trying to assign a sequential number to each output query row. i.e., ID Name 5 Bob 8 Tom 3 Joe I want: ID Name 1 5 Bob 2 8 Tom 3 3 Joe Has anyone found a way to do this...
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    Extracting data between two commas

    I've used left and mid strings before, but someone can't get a handle on this one! DOE, JANE, MD I'm trying to just get the first name (Jane) (the text between the two commas). Any help would be appreciated! :banghead:
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    How to bypass VBA error message

    I have a code which on pressing command button, it opens email and attaches a file from my computer. If it does not find the file, I get a halt error, "cannot find this file". Is there a way to build into the code to continue to sending the email even if the file is not found/attached...
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    Basic VBA to open report based on field

    I thought this would be a very basic VBA code. I'm trying to open a report, using a command button, based on a mutual field in the report and on the open form [positionID]. While it does open the report, it is not limiting the report to that specific [positionID]. ---------------------...
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    Attaching TWO reports into email

    I've probably exceeded my questions for the week, and maybe my brain is just fried (thank goodness its Friday!).... I have the attached code which sends an email from my database via Outlook. Where/how do I go about attaching two reports from my database to the email as pdf files? -------...
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    Unbound field in form

    I have created an unbound field in my form. It is to update to a date when a macro runs. It works great, but when I exit the form, the date disappears! :banghead:
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    Open Form with no existing record

    I am trying to create a command button to open another form, "CoMorbidities" with mutual MRN#. If the MRN# does not already exist in the "Comorbidities" form, I need to add the MRN# to that form/table based on the same MRN# that is on the open form where the command button is. (Me.MRN#)...
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    AfterUpdate not working with auto-populated field

    I have a field [HiringMgr] which is auto-populated based on another field. This field is also a drop down field for cases when it doesn’t auto-populate. [HiringMgr] field also has an after-update command to do something else. This command does not “happen” when the field is auto-populated...
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    Email to include Outlook signature

    I have a code to send an email through Outlook looking up emails from a table. Is there a way to include my Outlook signature? ----------- Private Sub Command272_Click() Dim strFileName As String Dim rst As DAO.Recordset Dim strEMailTo As String Set appOutLook =...
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    Pulling emails into VB code from table

    Hi! I have a command button built with code to send an email, as such: ----------------- Private Sub Command271_Click() DoCmd.SendObject , "", "", ";", "", "", "New Hire Offer Made", "Good afternoon," & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Attached please find the CV for a...
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    Changing the font of a field in a form based on another form

    If my form field [urgency] is "time critical", AND my calculated Text53 field calculates >24, I would like to turn the font red. How off am I? :rolleyes: Private Sub Text53_AfterUpdate() If Me.Urgency = "Time Critical (<24h)" And Me.Text53 > 24 Then Me.Text53.ForeColor = vbRed End If...
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    Field being enabled based on checkbox

    I'm trying to code so that a textbox field is only enabled IF a certain checkbox is checked. Using this code: Private Sub checkbox_AfterUpdate() If Me.[checkbox] = True Then Me.[textbox].Enabled = True Else Me.[textbox].Enabled = False End If End Sub When I click the checkbox - I get...
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    Sub-forms expand based on records

    I have a sub-form which I'd like to "expand" based on the number of records. I know grow/shrink is not used for something like this. I'm not a proficient coder, but I tried this: Me.frm_subAssetEdit.Height = Me.Section(0).Height I put this code in the On Resize property in the sub-form, but...
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    Count of records between 2 date fields

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a query off of a table as such: Table fields: PatientID StartDate EndDate How do I create a query that will yield the number of PatientID's for all dates in between Startdate and EndDate for ALL dates, say in 2017. (I.e, I want to know the # of...
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