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    oauth2 Office365 migration

    We need to migrate our software to oauth2. Apparently with Office365, this will be the only authenticaton allowed soon, is that correct? And how would i amend my application to work with oauth2? I'm using System.Net.Mail... Can anyone advise me please.
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    Is LAST_INSERT_ID mysql user specific?

    Just got a query i'm inserting records into a table the an auto counter primary key lets say its called ID. After i insert a record i fetch the new unique ID created with SELECT last_insert_id() FROM mytable to build my audit trail and know what record to audit. That is my unique key. What i...
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    Active Directory Login for VB.Net program.

    I'm busy writing software for a school, and they use Active Directory to login. That want to use it to log into to my software as-well, as the apparently the teachers are bad with passwords lol. Has any one worked with Active Directory yet? or can anyone advise me where to start ... thanks.
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    How do i send a TLS mail using (Need an free easendmail alternative)

    Hi i was using easendmail to send mail using TLS until the trial i didn't know about expired, is there any free method in or external dll i can use to send mail using TLS protorcols.
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    Crystal Reports problem on Windows 10

    Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me ... I wrote a system in VB.Net 2012 (Visual Studio Express 2012). It has been running fine on Windows 7 32bit but our client wishes to upgrade to Windows 10 32 bit now. I am busy testing the system on 64bit Windows 10 and it works fine on my Windows 7...
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    MySQL Server not accepting connection over VPN unless Telnet first

    Hi We are using a OpenVPN as our VPN software to access mysql databases across the country with MySQL Server 5.1 running on the hosting servers. I am using VB.NET with MySQL Connector 6.6.4 for software to run queries on the databases on the VPN, but for some reason on the one server on the...
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    Pastel Partner V 11 And MS Access Integration

    Hi I am wanting build a MS Access application that can integrate closely with Pastel. I know there is SDK that can be purchased, but it is quite expensive. What i want to know is it possible to insert data directly intto the Pervasive database from within ms access and is it possible to create...
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    AccessViolation Error with backgroundworker/webbrowser controls for a file download

    I have a webbrowser , timer and bacgroundworker for logging into a website and downloading required data. I receive AccessViolationException error as soon the code sendkey to save the download file. Private Sub WorkIt_DoWork(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
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    VBA Arrays

    I am needing help with the following code. I am wanting to create an array of accounts using the account number as the identifier, but the account number is to big. I receive an overflow error. Is there any other way of setting up an array so that i can use the account number as the identifier...
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    POS developer rights for sale

    I am wanting to sell the developer rights to an order processing system I have developed in ms access. It is a complete software solution for distributors doing rep and delivery based sales. The POS system handles the following: Quotes Orders Customers Products Price Lists Stock Management...
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    I am wanting to sell a Distributor program I have created named Order Pro

    I am wanting to sell an access program I have developed for distributors. I don't have time to try and license it out as from next year am wanting focus full out on rugby and don't want to be tied down with commitments. It handles all of the following for Distributors: Order Process Payments...
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    Question How do I improve Access DB performance over local wireless network?

    I have written an order processing ms access database program. It is setup on 2 PC's which is on a wireless network via a router. The BE and FE is one pc and there is a second FE on the other pc which links to the BE on the first computer via the network. The program runs fine speed wise on...
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    Disable Access close button

    How do I disable the main access window's close/exit button in the top right corner? Thanks bj
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    User Account icons and outlook gone. Help plz!!

    I restarted a computer at our office and when logged into the same useraccount most of the desktop icons were gone and the outlook account was gone. I tried using system restore but it didnt change anything. I was busy setting up a mapped network drive is that is any help I am mainly worried...
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    Share Tools,Modules & dbs for DB Development

    12 Months ago when I started to work on my first db for a company and If it wasnt for all the guys here I would have never been able to complete it. Thanks to all the guys here at access-programmers ,i know a little more know than I knew then. I am just sharing some off the tools,dbs,modules i...
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    Filter causes Products to dissapear in Order form

    Anybody with a fix to my problem? I split my DB into a FE and a BE since I have done it my order form is giving me a problem. When I use my filter on my orders form (to select a product easier) my previous selected products dissapear. I have attached two pics so that you can understand my...
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    Filter causes Products to dissapear in Order form

    You cant maybe help me with a problem? I split my DB into a FE and a BE since I have done it my order form is giving me a problem. When I use my filter on my orders form (to select a product easier) my previous selected products dissapear. I have attached two pics so that you can understand my...
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    Making forms screen resolution independant

    How can I make my forms independant of screen resolution? So that everything stays the same size no matter what reselution? Thanks bj
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    Timesheet Manager

    At the moment at the company I work for every month timesheets have to filled in and signed by you and your supervisor and is sent to our Accountant.At the moment the timesheets or done in excel by the employees and sent to our accountant. I have come up with the idea which will speed the...
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    convert access97mde to access03mdb?

    I have an mde FE for a database in office 97. I cant open it in office 2003. Is there a way I can convert the 97 mde to 2003 mdb or at least extract the forms,modules etc.I can import the queries but the forms,modules etc are locked.
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