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    Update table based on textboxes data

    Hello, I'am trying to perform an update on my table based on the textboxes data; however, when the code is executed it generates a new record instead of updating. The issue is this there are 2 ppl at the area: either one of them can either start the log and/or edit the record created by the...
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    Solved Issues importing data with correct format

    Hello, I am executing the following command (operator enters the file number to be imported and press a button): DoCmd.TransferText TransferType:=acLinkDelim, tableName:="CsvTbl", _ FileName:="E:\Op60\" + MyTbl + Myextension, HasFieldNames:=True to open a desired CSV (I have 100s of...
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    Solved How to open a set of CSV files created on a certain date span?

    Hello, I have tons of CSV logs created daily, need to be able to specify a date range i.e. "9/20/2021 - 9/23/2021" and open all the files created during this period. Import them into an access 2016 table This is the code I have pieced together from the web; however, I am unable to get it to work...
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