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    Unwanted blank pages in report

    I have a report that goes to a new page on change of at field in the input data, which is sorted on that field. This works, but each new section is precede by a blank page. I cannot understand why this happens! The settings I use are: Help appreciated!
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    Cannot save modified form

    I am using Access 2019 and made a modification to a form. The change was to modify an embedded macro that opened a second form. When I try to save it I get the message: Name conflicts with existing module, project or object library I cannot understand why!
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    Processing Excel data from within ACCESS VBA

    I need to populate three tables in an ACCESS database from data held in three Excel spreadsheets. However, each spreadsheet needs processing first, removing unwanted columns, renaming columns to used ACCESS field names etc. I would really like all this, including the actual import to be handled...
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    Help with Dcount!

    I am trying a simple update task to count the number of records in linked table that belong to one record in a master table. The master table is of Members, the linked table, GroupMembers, is a list of groups that each member belongs to. A simple one to many join. I have tried the following...
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    Reformatting data fron one table to a new table

    Sounds simple but........... I have an existing database with a membership table consisting of about 40 fields. I want to transfer this data to a new system using Excel as the interchange mechanism. The corresponding table in the new system (not Access based) consists of about 70 fields. Some...
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    Counting linked records

    Having passed a big birthday this week I suspect I am getting too old for this game! I cannot figure out how to create an update query that will count the number of linked records and paste this number back into the master record. The master records are a list of members of a society and the...
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    Subform combobox problem

    I have a form giving details of an academic group, with a datasheet subform showing the pupils in the group. The subform holds the pupil id number and his/her full name. Currently the pupil ID is entered and the full name appears for confirmation. I would like to be able to enter new pupils...
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    Encryption issues

    I have an Access database which is encrypted and therefore needs a password to open. I can do this successfully, but when I choose to compact the database the password is rejected. This is a new event, having worked perfectly for many months. Any ideas?
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    Output Query to two Excel spreadsheets

    There have been a number of postings regarding outputting data from Access to Excel, but my problems is slightly different. I want to output email addresses to MailChimp, but my members database contains a number of cases where two partners use the same email address. MialChimp does not allow...
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    Inserting records into Access table from Excel spreadsheet

    I am sure this has been covered many times but I can't seem to find the answer. I have an Excel spreadsheet and I want to import the contents of Sheet 2 into an existing Access table. I can achieve this by using standard Access menu options but I want to achieve it by using VBA so it can be...
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    Updating a table based on data in a second table

    There seem to be many ways of tackling this and I have tried a number without success! I have run a membership system and will be allowing subscription payments to be made via online banking. I can download bank transactions into Excel and then upload these into an Access table. However, the...
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    Form tab order problem

    I have a form with about 20 controls and I set the tab order quite successfully. After adding 4 new controls, I am having problems with incorporating them in an overall tab order. If I put the cursor into an original control and click tab order, I get shown a list of the original controls only...
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    Refresh form based on field value

    I have a club member table that has entries for both husband and wife, with separate member numbers. Each entry records the member number of the other half of the couple. When in a form that displays one of the couple, I want to click on the partner number field and refresh the form with the...
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    Sending emails from Outlook

    I have written some VBA code to send a personalised email with a personalised PDF attachment to 500 members of an organisation. It works! However, I am concerned that the spam police will get involved and classify many or all of these as spam. Has anyone any ideas on whether this is likely to...
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    Updating table from excel

    I have an excel spreadsheet from a bank, from which I can extract membership renewal payments. My task is to update the membership table with dates and amounts paid. What would be the best approach to this task?
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    Before Delete issue

    I have a subform with multiple line entries. When highlighting one entry and pressing 'Delete', Access asks to confirm the deletion. However, the displayed details have been cleared. They are reinstated in the 'No' option is clicked, but how can I stop the displayed data being cleared first. It...
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    Creating Outlook mail item from specified outlook account

    I have written VBA code which sends out emails with customised attachments to all addressees in an Access 2010 table. The person sending this emails has multiple Outlook accounts. I have tried using the .sendusingaccount feature but I keep getting errors. Can anyone help? Dim dbName As...
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    How do I insert code into a posting on this site?

    Title says it all!
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    Blue underlined field on form

    I have an Access 2010 table which contains a field holding email an address. The format is ShortText. On most forms the field contents are shown in standard format, but on a couple the field displays in blue and underlined. The format of the field on each form has Hyperlink set to No. The filed...
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    SQL Error 3079 whilst running report from VBA

    I have a report that requires 3 queries to generate the data required. I then have created a VBA routine to automate the generation of about 70 short reports, each one detailing members of a group. These are then emailed to the group leader for updating. This has worked well up until now, when I...
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