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    Another form's button to activate.

    Hi all. I have a form and on clicking a button another form will pop up to enter data. On clicking the Close button of the Pop Up form, the Update Button of the original form should activate (that is should act as if the button clicked). Is it possible? If so please help me with the code. Thanks.
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    Solved Update form & remain in the same record

    Hi everyone, I have a form (Single Form) for entering data which has multiple fields. After entering the data, when I click the Update Button, it takes to the first record. I do want the form to remain in the same record. I need the correct code. Please some one help. Thanks
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    Solved Code for a button in the main form

    Hello experts, I do have a Main form with a continuous SubForm. When the button on the main form is clicked, another form should open based on the record selected in the SubForm. I need the code for that. Thanks Alex
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    Controls in Main Form & Subform

    This is my first post in this Forum. I am creating a Family Tree Database. tblPersons contains the fields, PersonID, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName , Gender & relevant Dates & data. Persons are added in the Main Form which contains a Subform where Children are added related to the PersonID on...
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