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    insert fingerprints on form

    Hello friends i want to make a form on which i want to attach a fingerprint scanner so that when someone his finger on scanner it will identify if it is already in database and put the enter timings and end time and id no. So database can identify it and calculate the working time automatically...
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    how to take photos directly from camera on form

    Hello friends I made a form on which I made a field of picture. When i click on it, it open the place from where you can choose photograph to add. But I want that when I click on box it will open my laptops webcam and i can directly take a pgotograph from my webcam. If anyone know about it or...
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    calculate time in hours minutes and seconds between two dates

    Hello friends I have a field name vehicle in time which has data type like 12-11-16 11:15:12 and another field vehicle out time which is also have same data type 13-11-16 23:11:15 now I want to calculate the time between them in hh: mm: ss formate? What to do
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    financial year report date

    I am making a report and want that when it is asking for year i will type 2015 anf on the top it will show the date 1/4/15 to 31/3/16. is there anything that i can try.. ..
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    financial year query

    Hello friends, how are you?? I need a help I am making a database and have a column named date. Now using this column i want to make a querry which ask me for starting financial year and and when i type 2015 it will give me all relevant info between 1/4/15 to 31/3/16. I need help.. ...
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    how to distribute ms access database to work in real time?

    hello friends i am totally new to ms access i am making a database. now can anyone tell me that how i can distribute my database to many computer to work in real time on same database. can anyone give me the step by step instruction that how i can distribute my database and what things i need to...
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    Re: Combo Box & Null Value

    Re: Combo Box & Null Value hello friends, I have a form and lots of combo boxes and text boxes. some of text boxes based on combo boxes. the form is working on copy the last record and paste it in new record so you can change it easil. I set text fields based on combo box selection if combo box...
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    How to convert Sub to a Function?

    how I can make a macro to open run an event on a form
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