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  1. bastanu

    Solved Adding files using ADODB.Stream to SQL BLOB - varbinary(max) doesn't work - same code used to work OK for both SQL and Oracle BEs

    Hi all, I am curious if anyone can spot anything wrong with the following code used to add files (PDFs, pictures, etc.) to a SQL table. Column is defined as varbinary(max). Same code used to work OK for both SQL server and Oracle back-ends. The records get created but the problem seems to be...
  2. bastanu

    Hello from Canada

    Hello all! My name is Vlad and I am an Access developer from Canada. I have been working with Access for about 18 years now and found it an amazing (even if sometimes frustrating) product. Happy to be finally joining this community, I have been using it for many years in more of "stealth"...
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