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  1. Fifty2One

    The best web browser

    More of a debate then a techy question as some folks seem to have a certain preference to our browsers that are not always technology based. So what is your fave web browser and why?
  2. Fifty2One

    Happy "birthday" usa

    I hope everyone is having a good celebration
  3. Fifty2One

    Interview nightmares

    Anyone else have to interview people for employment? Seriously can not believe the recent turkey who showed for an interview. CV read very professional, however, in person the young person was rather rude and the way he presented himself came across very cocky. I expedited the end of the...
  4. Fifty2One

    The leading edge

    Just wondering how many people here feel that they are on the leading edge or perhaps starting to slip to the trailing edge of technology? Such as still using the previous versions of software? Perhaps using older hardware which is starting to have age related shortcomings? Does your...
  5. Fifty2One

    What a cheery bunch!

    The comments are more rediculous then the article...
  6. Fifty2One

    The Cube

    This is fun to crap around with... The Cube :D
  7. Fifty2One


    I hope they come up with better games to work with Kinect by the time they release it in November.
  8. Fifty2One


    Que j'aime à faire apprendre un nombre utile aux sages ! Immortel Archimède, artiste ingénieur, Qui de ton jugement peut priser la valeur ? Pour moi, ton problème eut de pareils avantages. Jadis, mystérieux, un problème bloquait Tout l'admirable procédé, l'œuvre grandiose Que Pythagore...
  9. Fifty2One

    Good plan for the taliban

    Good to hear the right honourable British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is endorsing a plan to give much needed funds to the taliban. Thos black market weapons are getting expensive and supplies for improvised explosives are just becoming so unaffordable they may have to turn to selling drugs to...
  10. Fifty2One

    Happy ThanksGiving

    Happy ThanksGiving to our American neighbours!
  11. Fifty2One

    Flooded England

    Just want to post that I am hoping that everyone, their friends and families are safe. I see the recent flooding in North of England and Scotland, not everyone posts their exact geographic but there are people here that might be there or have people there so I wanted to mention this is in my...
  12. Fifty2One

    Grey Cup 2009

    Montreal Alouettes vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders in Calgary - it is going to be a good game!
  13. Fifty2One


    Here is a nice little contest where you have miltiple guess for the meaning of english words. When you click the correct answer you donate 10 grains of rice to the WFP. If the English game is too easy you can try French, German, Italian, Spanish or art, geography, chemistry...
  14. Fifty2One

    Human Development Index

    The United Nations just released the figures for their Human Development Index which they publish as a standard means of measuring human development. This is the top 25 in order of total ranking just pour savoir. Norway Australia Iceland Canada Ireland Netherlands Sweden France Switzerland...
  15. Fifty2One

    Meteor Shower

    I think it is absolutely amazing - oh the wonders of the natural world and the cosmos we live in.
  16. Fifty2One

    War and a depressed economy

    I found this advert in a 1945 Popular Mechanix magazine...
  17. Fifty2One

    Congratulations US Sen. John McCain

    I think congratulations to Sen John McCain is in order as the first politician in US history to show humility in a concession speech. He may not have won the presidency, but there are a lot of people in the world who could learn a valuable lesson in how to graciously step down with class and...
  18. Fifty2One

    Hugely sad news for Canadians!

    Canadian Tire's catalogue is history
  19. Fifty2One

    Is this OVERTIME?

    Should someone submit an overtime claim if they have been using the PDA the company supplied them with after business hours for business purposes :confused:
  20. Fifty2One

    School shooting

    Question 25 on the final exam for High School Physics 534 in Quebec Canada is a drawn picture of a school shooting scene. A gingerbread person shape with a gunshot wound to the head has tragectary lines drawn from 4 smiliefaces. The physics part of the question asks you to identify the most...
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