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    Form with Dates as Column Headers to Update Table with Dates as Rows

    Hi, My question is pretty much what the title says - I'm wondering if there's a way to have a form with Dates as column headers to update a table where the dates are stored in rows??? The table set up is like this: tblOpHdr DiaryID (PK) - OpDate (Date) tblOpDetail DiaryID (FK) - CostCode -...
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    Excel - SQL Server Reporting Model

    I wasn't sure where this post belonged so I've put it here. I have an Access FE / SQL Server 2012 BE set up and have set up some reports that link into these. Can someone tell me if there is a better way to set up the reporting model? The set up is like this: Excel links into a database tables...
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    Add an associated item to an order automatically

    Hello, I'm working on a database very similar to an order processing screen. You select a product code - add amounts and various other details. There are products within the database that have other 'sub-products' linked to them. I'm trying to work out a mechanism whereby when one of these...
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    Sum a field that refers to a combobox column

    Thanks khodr but I'm still getting the errors in the form footer field. The field to be summed is double data type. I've put the nz in the detail line and in the total field in the form footer. I've also tried Cdbl(nz(Sum([StockCode].[Column](3)),0)) Any other ideas?
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    Sum a field that refers to a combobox column

    Hello, I have a field in a form called 'PricePerKg' Control Source: = [StockCode].[Column](3) What I'd like to do is get a total of this field in the form footer. I put in sum([StockCode].[Column](3)) but I just get error. What's the correct syntax to get this to sum? Thanks, Peter
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    Subform - Cursor disappears from visible area

    Hi, I've developed a timesheet entry form with a subform that has about 30 fields set out in tablular format. The subform is wider than the main form so not all fields are displayed. The problem a user has reported is that (after tabbing throught the visible fields) the cursor disappears from...
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    Education for Access??

    I'm with Golaxiom. Learning is often driven by necessitiy but most of the times what you're stuck on will already have been addressed on these forums. Pick yourself up a good reference book as well. The Access Inside out series is pretty good.
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    Infopath designer: overlay controls on scanned form

    Hi, I'm trying to get my head around setting up infopath / sharepoint forms that link into access / sql server databases. The first thing I'm trying to do is take a scanned image of a form and put the controls from the linked database on top of the relevant fields on the form picture. My...
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    OpenCurrentDatabase Issue

    Thanks vbaInet, the 'accApp.UserControl = True' thing seems to have done the trick. Strange. I don't have this in the code for the other 2 databases and they open fine. But thanks very much for your help. Peter
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    OpenCurrentDatabase Issue

    No, I checked to see if the locking file was open and no, I was the only one using it. I've got error trapping on and that's not bringing anything up.
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    OpenCurrentDatabase Issue

    Hi, I've got a database with a form that contains 3 buttons each one opening a separate database with the following code. 2 of these databases open fine but one flashes up for a second and then disappears: The code is identical for each. Dim accapp As Access.Application Set accapp =...
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    Subform - Cursor tabs out of visible area

    Hi, I've got an access data project (adp) running on Access 2010. There's a data entry form with a subform. The subform has about 50 fields set up in tabular formation. Because it's so wide there's horizontal scroll bars. The problem is, since we've upgraded from Access 2003 the subform...
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    Does my DAO code work with SQL BE

    When I upsized a db a couple of years back I had to change all the DAO code to ADO. But then I was keeping the FE as an adp (bad move). I found some code to remove all the dbo prefixes from every table.
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    A quick update for the people that helped me: User have reported a a slight improvement after I added a couple of extra indexes and added the nz. But I still need to speed things up further. I said the db table had 250k records in it. That was my test db. The Live one has closer to 700k so I'm...
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    I'll implement your suggestion this evening and get back to you. There's 250,000 records in the main table 'tblDOD'. Thanks for your help, P
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    I've not got exclusive access to the db at the moment so I'll get back to you and let you know.
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    Thanks David. It all helps.
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    Thanks for the suggestion spikepl but all the fields in the WHERE clause are indexed bar HoursStart. Opening a recordset in the way I've done isn't likely to put locks on the db table is it? Also is there any difference in performance using ADO recordsets instead of DAO?
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    Calculation based on recordsets taking too long

    I’ve got a problem with certain fields on a data entry form that are taking too long to calculate. Users are reporting delays of 8 to 15 seconds whilst these calculations are happening which doesn’t sound that long but it’s happening for every record and they’ve to enter a lot of records each...
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    Compacting Split Database

    Hello, I've got a database which user's access over citrix. It's a split database with some large tables (about 600,000 rows in the largest). I have the back end part of this database set to compact on close but it's taking a good 10 minutes to do so. Is there a way to speed this up and should...
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