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  1. Reshmi mohankumar

    Can we build SSMS Form?

    Hi Guys, Happy new year to all. Today i got an idea to Create,update or delete or insert , alter data from FE(compiled). That we can create a unbound form and making a unbound longtext box and a subform which will show what we run the code in textbox. To run a query a go command also on form...
  2. Reshmi mohankumar

    Solved Nz(string,ifnull(my string))

    Me.simg.Picture = Nz(CurrentProject.Path & StudentPhoto, CurrentProject.Path & "\StudentImages\INDEX.JPG") Me.fimg.Picture = Nz(CurrentProject.Path & FatherPhoto, CurrentProject.Path & "\StudentImages\INDEX.JPG") But this code is under forms onCurrent event if there is a no string i got error...
  3. Reshmi mohankumar

    Solved Error '3421' , Conversion data type

    i tried to run this procedure for the column values to convert to row values and separated by ",", i had a code below. But i didn't find the way to execute this <code> Public Function RSFieldAsSeparatedString(ByVal fieldName As String, _ ByVal...
  4. Reshmi mohankumar

    Security Warning...

    I have a client which doesnt have Office installation and it has only Access runtime. But while opening Warning message will show..Can i disable that one??
  5. Reshmi mohankumar

    Auto Compare DB Assets

    Can we compare a DB with another Modified/Altered DB(Which is updated with more tables/added columns to exists tables)? if yes what code can i use to integrate of exists linked tables and local tables? and may it can be like a tool for deployment for updated Backend file. we just run and...
  6. Reshmi mohankumar

    Excution Very Slow...

    As of my knowledge i written bunch of code at on load / on format events ... But its taking much time to calculate and format. What else i can do to run faster??? Thanks in advance for your suggestion.
  7. Reshmi mohankumar

    Solved Tally ODBC Can't

    I have tried to connect Tally ODBC Server to my accdb . There is a Server name but cannot connect to database...??? I dont know what s wrong with tally DB. Error message 7711. Why can't access connect to TALLY ODBC!!!
  8. Reshmi mohankumar

    Solved Query Column Total

    Hi, I had a database with some tables . I created a select query from different sub queries (Which are grouped by Product ID and summing of [Units]). I have 5 Subqueries with same properties . all individual query getting data correctly and also main query also showing the data correctly. But...
  9. Reshmi mohankumar

    error 3129

    Dim dayend, stock, upd As String dayend = "insert into tbl_dayend(dayend,dayenddate) values ('1','" & txtnxtdt & "')" stock = "INSERT INTO Tbl_stonestockopening (stonesubgroup, stonename, size, closinpcs, closingweightcts)" _ & "select stonesubgroup, stonename, size, clspcs, clswt from...
  10. Reshmi mohankumar

    Filter not to be happen

    hi, i wish to filter date column where checkbox is false, if checkbox is true the filter should not be happen (or) all dates to be select .
  11. Reshmi mohankumar

    Question How to raise random ID?

    If simultaneously using many users of single database, If all of them working on same form, i needed the unique ID that mixture of date and random ID(which creates randomly different from each user) and data is temporary . after i save them in to database with reference if randomID. But randomID...
  12. Reshmi mohankumar

    Bulk sms Code

    Hi friends, I am going to do send messages to mobile numbers of particular columns of a table via VBA . So any of you share the VBA code will help me to opt . for this i have provider and login also. Thank you .
  13. Reshmi mohankumar

    Question how to import

    How to import Queries, Forms, reports, classes from accde to accdb??
  14. Reshmi mohankumar

    .datawait file type

    Dear Developers, I ran in to a virus problem of my all office docs including access files. The problem is all my files and docs has been renamed to filename.filetype.datawait And i dont know why it happened , any solution please help me. thank you
  15. Reshmi mohankumar

    Form on local web page??

    Cant we run a access form on local web browser? that acts as add, delete, update etc..
  16. Reshmi mohankumar

    how to fill values in access browser

    I am trying to paste the values from form to access browser by clicking the command for auto fill the user id and passwords. So i requesting the vba code .Thank you .
  17. Reshmi mohankumar

    how to make accde file

    i have compiled my vba code and it does not have any errors and i given trusted location for that file. But it is stopped working while making accde. so what will be the cause ? will any have solution? thank you.
  18. Reshmi mohankumar

    Self checking a combo box

    I need message pop up for not matching the value with combo box colomn(0) value. I used below code but not success. Please get me out from here. thank you. Private Sub cboestdet_AfterUpdate() Select Case cboestdet Case Not (Me.cboestdet.Column(0)) MsgBox "Item not found", vbOKCancel...
  19. Reshmi mohankumar

    Update a table value

    UPDATE tbl_Purchase_Details SET tbl_Purchase_Details.IS_Sold = True, tbl_Purchase_Details.bill_num = 123, tbl_Purchase_Details.sales_date = #5/30/2018# WHERE (((tbl_Purchase_Details.BarcodeID)=[Forms]![frm_Estimation]![frm_estimation_details]![barcode])); by this query i can update only cursor...
  20. Reshmi mohankumar

    Barcode printing

    I am going to print barcodes of my data for that I used( 3 of 9)font it generates barcodes but I can't read through device. Will please suggest me . or will have any free barcode fonts?
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