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    Microsoft to block Office VBA macros by default

    I don't know if people have seen this but it might affect a number of Access users, so in case it helps to be aware: Microsoft to block Office VBA macros by default It seems to only affect if the application came from the internet, but people do use the web to distribute apps.
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    Access 2013

    With all the reviews I see on the big preview of Office 2013, I have yet to see any reliable information about Access. Has anyone heard anything interesting about the new release? SHADOW
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    Using a Multi-Select List box for AND Criteria

    It's fairly common to run a report using a combination of criteria from a list box. The way this is commonly done is by having a hidden text box create a list of items selected and then the query for the report uses an IN statement for the criteria to effectively OR the different criteria. What...
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    Drawing Lines on a Shaded Box in a Report

    I am using the Line method to draw lines on a report. My problem is that I put a shaded box over part of the area where the lines are drawn and the lines will not draw on the section of the shaded box. When I remove the background colour of the box, it has no problem drawing the lines but when I...
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    Proper Practice with Regard to Closing Recordsets

    I have some forms that have unbound areas that draw from different recordsets (tables, queries and so on). In order to populate these areas, I call the respective recordsets, draw the data and then close the recordset. Here's some pseudo-code to show how I do it: Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Dim...
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    Using Select Case with Strings

    I see in the VBA documentation that you cannot use Like as a comparison operator as the test expression in a select statement. What I want to do is something like this: Select Case rst!txtMyText Case Like "apples*" ... Case Like "oranges*" ... End Select Is there a right way to do...
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    Question About How Access Loads Data Into Forms

    I've seen the suggestion a number of times that forms be designed to only load the one record from the table that the user wants to deal with at the moment. This is accomplished by binding the form to a query that returns the one record the user has selected (from a combo or list box, for...
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    Strange Combobox Behaviour in Access 2007

    Here's a new Access 2007 problem I encountered today: - Create a continuous form bound to some data - Put a combo box in the form header. Make sure the combo box is bound to some data source - Copy a line of data and try to past it into a new record. This should be a really simple task like it...
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    Comma in Multi-column Listbox

    The typical way to add an item to a list box is: Me.lstMyListbox.AddItem Item:= strStringToBeAdded This works great if the list box is only one column. Should the list box happen to be two columns, the way it's done is: Me.lstMyListbox.AddItem Item:= strFirstColumn & ";" & strSecondColumn...
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    Using Access 2007 Properties in Other Versions of Access

    Access 2007 has some new form properties, such as Filter On Load. This property which doesn't exist in previous versions will apply the filter from the last time a form was opened to the next time it's opened. Of course this can cause a lot of problems so I want to disable it. Disabling it...
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    Access 2007 Report Export to Excel

    Microsoft claims that if you install SP 2, then Access 2007 will export reports to Excel. Has anyone done this successfully? I've run the SP2 and still no luck. Do I need any other combination of components installed, configuration, service packs, compatibility packs and so on in order to make...
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    Update Query Where Join Results in Several Rows

    It's a common practice to use an update query to update a field in one table (let's call it Table1) based on joining a field in another table (let's call it table 2) and then retrieving a value from Table2 based on matching the keys and updating a row in Table1. My question is: what if more...
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    Problem Deleting Records Using Custom Delete Sequence

    I've developed a custom delete sequence that I think many people could benefit from. The problem is that it's not working properly and I can't figure out why not. The goal is that if a user deletes an invoice, the user is prompted for a reason for the deletion and then the cancelled invoice is...
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    Inserting Text at the Point of the Cursor

    I have a list box with strings of data. There is a button underneath the list box that allows the user to select a string from the list box, click the button and the text gets moved into a memo box to the left of the list box. (Drag and drop would be really great here to make this work like all...
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    Disable CTRL + '

    It's fairly easy to use Autokeys to trap keyboard combinations such as CTRL + P and the like to prevent mishaps. For some reason the Autokeys macro won't allow me to reassign CTRL + ' which repeats data from the corresponding field in the previous record. I have a user who accidentally hits that...
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    Inconsistent Manual Feed Printing

    Every document in my applications are sent to the default printer. I have a few users complaining that some documents are being sent to the manual feed rather than the paper tray. One of the users is using Access 2003 SP3. One is using Access 2007. I know that Access 2007 did have some printing...
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    "In any calendar year" as criteria

    I'm trying to write a query for a report that will find all client who have spent more than a certain amount of money in any calendar year during the stated time interval. The user has a screen where he/she can enter a start date, an end date and a minimum amount. The minimum amount spent would...
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    Word Merge With Runtime

    In my applications, I often allow the user to merge filtered data to Word. It's pretty easy to do using the runcommand (I'll show how I do it below). My problem is that to do so, you have to create a table, open the table and then run the command. The problem with this is that if the user has...
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    MS Streets and Trips 2008

    I have been using MS Streets and Trips since 2004 and its performance is not bad. I just bought the 2008 edition and any address I enter unless it's on a major street cannot be located! I called MS support and after about half an hour, got to a tech guy. He told that I should give him a list of...
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    Sizing Web Browser Control

    How do you set the size of a Web Browser control on an Access Form? I've tried manually dragging the edges and it snaps back to the original size. I've tried setting it in code by placing a box on the form and telling it that the height and width of the browser should be the same size as that of...
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