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    exporting to excel template

    hi all, is it possible to create an excel template and use it when exporting a table using the external data, export to excel option? if so how?
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    print a crystal report filtered to a data row that is on a form

    hello can you help please , i have a form (frm1) with a button to open a crystal report to show all the data in a database what i am trying to do is get the report only to show the row of data on the (frm1), i have the button working and it opens the report but it is showing all data rows...
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    excel to table

    hello all, can you help please, i have a datbase with a link to an excel sheet,(linked so any updates on the excel sheet is shown on the link in the database). question can i make a table from this ? if so will the table auto update from the excel sheet, the reason i want to do this is that on...
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    building a database from scratch

    hi all, i have built several small datbases to date with the help of members on this forum. one of the issues i have is it does not matter how i go about designin the DB i always seem to forget something (password setup ) for example, do you have a sequence of setting up a DB ? do you decide...
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    text box with auto number

    hi all can you help please , I want a text box on my form to show a number that will generate a new number every time I create a new record, I now I can use the primary key but I want it to show "00000" to start and next record to show"00001" etc any ideas :confused:
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    dates issue

    hi can you help please , i have a date textbox that uses a date picker, i want to be able to restore original date if certain conditions are not met, i know how to set the conditions but not how to replace any update with the original date, any ideas please :banghead:
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    error message

    hi all can you help please, i have a hyperlink field on my form and when i drag a pdf link to it i keep getting this message "the field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add, try inserting or pasting less data. but the strange thing is that if i click on another field...
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    dates issue

    hello all can you help please i have a text box [six month update] this uses a date picker to populate it , what i want is after update to add 6 months to the value in the [six month update]text box , i have tried Me.SIX_month_update = DateAdd("m", 6, Date) but it keeps coming up with 06/09/19...
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    mouse over issues

    not sure if this is the right forum, can you help please , I have a form [main form] and a subform[subform], on the subform I have a label in the header [lbl22] , what I am trying to achieve is that when the user moves over the label it will open a label [info] on the main form code using so far...
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    moving table from one datbase to another

    hi all can you help please, I have two databases both with a table called [new load],can I move one table to the other database and overwrite the other table? if yes how? and what pitfalls have I got to watch out for ? :confused:
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    loop wthout do error

    can you help me this code please? on a subform I am trying to look at the [en update ] textbox (contains a date), and if it is within 28 days of the date then it will change the value of textbox [EN update info] to 0 the code I have been trying is as follows but I keep getting an "loop without...
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    expression issue

    hi , don't know if this is the right section for this , I have a date textbox [test] and want to change the value of another textbox [update] if the value of [test] is between todays date and last month ,i want to do this using conditional format , can you help please?:confused:
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    after update issue

    can you help please , I have a subform with a field [test] this is a date field using the date picker , on the after update control I have the code , me.test.enabled = false . (I am trying to stop it being updated twice ) , but when I run this it disables all [test] fields , how can I stop this...
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    changing value in subform from other subform

    hi all can you help please I have two subforms [SUB1] and [SUB2]on SUb1 I have two fields the first [make] can contain the following texts gtaw gtaw/smaw smaw gmaw/fcaw the second [test date] contains dates on sub2 I have a four fields [gtaw][gtaw/smaw][smaw]and [gmaw], all are date fields ...
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    sub form issues

    hi all can you help please , I have a subform with two fields [weld standard] and one [weld code] every time the subform changes i.e number of rowes I want to be able to look at value in [weld standard] and depending on value change the value in [weld code] for each row , I have tried this code...
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    lookat value of two text boxes to deside value of a third

    hi all can you help please , I have three text boxes [size] [color] and [price], I want to look at the value of [size] and if It is a 2 or 4 and the value of [color] is blue or red then it will change the value of [price] to a 1, if both contain anything other than these values then [price]...
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    disable right click customize ribbon option

    hello all and a happy seasons greetings to all ,can you help please , I want to disable the right click option on the to customize the ribbon so users cannot access and modify the ribbon , :confused:
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    value of a text bow

    can you help please , i have a textbox and i want to be able to set it so it will change another textbox property the first textbox can contain set words one of these is "en xxxxxx" would like to change the ENABLED property of textbox 2 if the first text box contains the "en" part of the text...
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    subform to excel

    hi all , can you help me please i have a subform that the user can select which colums to hid , for example sub form has three colums ( time ,date, and gender) if the user wishes to hid the gender column then all they have to do is right click the name of the column and click hide to get ride of...
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    text box color

    hi all. is it possible to change the color of the text in a text box eg normal text is black but i want to change this particular text in this text box to red then by right clicking it will come up with the text color picker? i want to do this because some of the text will be exactly the same...
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