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  1. strive4peace

    ketogenic diet

    Normally I don't look here in the Watercooler since issues can be contraversial ... including this one! But I am responding because I'm a great believer in a ketogenic diet to heal all kinds of dis-ease. A side effect is that you also lose weight. You don't need a pill though -- more to change...
  2. strive4peace

    Bicycle tire advice?

    Hoping someone here will know this ... I need to replace my mountain bike tires and am a little confused about what size to get. The lettering is very worn, since the tires are decades old! It looks to say : 26x2.0 TO FIT HB 57.5 RIM -- or maybe no decimal point, hard to tell inflate to 250 to...
  3. strive4peace

    want to come to an online user group meeting?

    EDIT 10 June 2022 Presentation about Drawing in Access ... maybe you haven't really used these capabilities? On Thursday (or maybe early Friday), George Hepworth's group met about the drawing features for Access reports ... maybe you haven't really used these capabilities? There's a lot you...
  4. strive4peace

    online Access user group meeting: Making and Using Access Add-Ins

    hello everyone, I gave a presentation about Access Add-ins. The video of the meeting recording is here. Callouts were added to explain things better, and show where mistakes were made, so you can see how to fix what the presenter missed. Making and Using Access Add-Ins (49 minutes) An...
  5. strive4peace

    Solved Regular Expression to detect end of word

    I'm splitting lines at spaces to find words to test. However, other characters delimit words too, such as () and , Can a regular expression be used to parse out the words and tell me the terminator character(s) of each? examples: word1(word2, word1(word2) word1) word1), thank you!
  6. strive4peace

    Virtual Access DevCon (Developer Conference) 2020: free Recordings Now Available!

    The Virtual Access DevCon (Developer Conference) was held April 23+24, 2020. This was a free online conference for Access developers. Schedule and Recordings Now available! (in case you missed it, or or want to review any sessions) The conference...
  7. strive4peace

    Color Comments Green

    Hello fellow Access Lovers! We all want code we post to be better understood -- whether we're asking questions or answering them -- or coming back ourselves at some future time! So this download is to give you green comments! without having to tag them yourself :) Experienced programmers may...
  8. strive4peace

    hello Access lovers!

    I've been using Access for a long time and love sharing knowledge about my favorite application! Call me a geek, but answering questions is fun! Growing up, I was the kid in class who always had their hand up to be called upon. Nice that in forums, this is a good thing ;) I like being...
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