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    Started form doesent work

    Hello World ! Do you still remember me ? If YES then THANK YOU ! I have a DB: This DB was sent to me via eMail (dropbox). It consist in a BE and 3 FEs. In each of the FEs I have a started form with some code activated by the Open event. The issue: Access do nothing when I open the FEs. Note...
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    Calculation don't work as I expect

    The DB from this thread post #13 has a single report. In that report you will see a calculation (red controls) that don't work as I expect. Are you so kind to make me understand what is wrong here ? Thank you !
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    Just MS Word

    Hello ! I know very well :) that this is a forum for Access questions. Or, at least, related to Access. But also I know that here are very skilled programers. Maybe someone will be able to help me with this problem. @Moderators No offense if you will decide to remove this thread. But I hope to...
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    Available prices

    Hello ! As you know, the prices are, unfortunately, dynamic "objects". So, I have a table for products: tblProducts ID_Product - Autonumber (PK) ProductName and a table for prices tblProductsPrices ID_ProductPrice - Autonumber (PK) ID_Product - Number (FK on tblProducts Price - Double...
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    Reusing a subform

    Hi ! Access 2007 I have 3 tables, T1, T2, T3 and 3 bounded forms to this tables F1, F2, F3 One more table T4 that contain 3 fields that look up (FK) on the previous 3 tables and a form F4 bounded to this table. I need to use F4 as subform in each of the first 3 forms. So, the "active" FK will...
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    Default property for a control bounded to a Date/Time field

    Sorry if this will be a duplicate thread. Yesterday I started a thread with exact the same title but, somehow, it disappear from the forum :confused: So: Access 2007 In a table I have 2 fields: D1 , Date/Time , DefaultValue: Date() D2 , Date/Time , DefaultValue: Date()+1 In a form (bounded to...
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    Is there a better practice ?

    Hello ! I have: (in my head) A) tblItemsQuantities ID_ItemQuantity (PK) ID_Item (FK) Quantity (Long) 'Is OK. I need only integers QuantitySign (Yes/No) ' Yes = Plus , No = Minus B) A form based on this table in order to input quantities. The QuantitySign check box is hidden and I set it's...
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    Classes / OCX

    Hello all ! This thread is intended to be a discussion. There are many tutorials about how to create a class or an OCX. So should not be a problem for me to do this. But I never used this tools because (I think) I am not able to "see" the situations when a tool like this help me to design...
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    Manage subscriptions

    Hi all ! Really sorry if this is not the right forum where to post this question (that can become a suggestion if the answer will be NO) Is there any tool to manage my subscriptions ? There are a lot but I wish to keep only few of them. I know that I can unsubscribe from the Thread Options...
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    My code doesn't wants to set the control default value

    Hello ! I know that is very unusual to do what I do now. But, are you so kind to take a look to this thread on other forum ? Hope someone have a idea. Thank you !
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    Medical forums

    Can you help me with some links to the medical forums in French language ? Post also if you have links for medical forums in English language. My wife need to learn medical terms in French, but if she learn also in English is OK from my view point :) . Thank you !
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    Pure SQL for this

    Hi everybody ! I have attached a very simple database that contain only 2 tables: Houses ID_House (PK , AutoNumber) House (Text) Bulbs ID_Bulb (PK , AutoNumber) ID_House (FK on Houses) Bulb (text) HasLight (Yes/No) If (all bulbs in a house have light) OR (all bulbs in a house have not light)...
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    Find Control

    Hello ! I have: 1) a table (T) with fields (F1, F2, .... , Fk, .... Fn). I do not know "n" 2) a form (F) bounded to this table I know that I have a control bounded to field Fk. How I can find what control is ? Thank you. Something like this: Dim MyCtl As Control Dim ctl As Control For...
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    Not in list

    Hello ! Teach me please how to deal with the NotInList event for a combo. The scenario is very simple: Two tables: One of this table (T1) contain a field (FK2) that is a look up to the second table (T2). The field FK2 is required field in T1. Both tables contain, of course, more other required...
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    Other databases

    Hi ! Maybe I'm wrong but this section seems to be the best choose for asking for a favor. I wish to learn how to use Access in order to open other databases (other formats like databases built under Fox, DB, Oracle etc.) but I have nothing to experiment with. So, please, give me some samples...
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    Line numbers in the CODE window

    For easy and quick references to a line in code :)
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    Get value

    This is my first post heare so... Hy all ! I know: for you is a very simple question, but for me, a newbe, is unsolved. Look: I have a table (or a query) with some data. How extract the value from one cell in a certain field and put it into a vb variabble ? How I "scan" a field cell by cell ...
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