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  1. GinaWhipp

    Curved Monitor

    So I am finally going to upgrade my monitors to a single curved one, well providing no issues detected. (Getting tired of dual screens.) I am hoping someone here is using one for development. Any gotcha’s as it relates to Access I need to be aware of? (I just seem to remember something when they...
  2. GinaWhipp

    Tip KB3085515 breaks Access 2010 Runtime

    KB3085515 actually meant for Excel will prevent your Runtime from opening, uninstalling fixes the issue. See the below thread for additional details...
  3. GinaWhipp

    Known Issues with Office and Windows 10

    Known Issues with Office and Windows 10... Note: This article contains workarounds to *some* reported issues with workarounds and fixes. Hope it...
  4. GinaWhipp

    Reporting SPAM

    Perhaps when reporting SPAM the little SPAM icon can change to all red to indicate it has already been reported thereby negating the need to post that one has already reported the SPAM.
  5. GinaWhipp

    Cascading combo Boxes using Junction Table

    Are you expecting an answer? The Subject line doesn't give us much to go on...
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