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  1. GinaWhipp

    Solved Create Blinking Control backcolor

    As a side note, I caution against blinking (flashing) as for some people it triggers physical reactions. I tend to just make the border turn red and push them back to said control if they try to go to another record including a new one.
  2. GinaWhipp

    Error 3218 Could not update; currently locked.

    Hmm, I have questions. What do you mean by *Shared Mode*? Is the database split? Is the Backend on the Server and does everyone have their own Frontend?
  3. GinaWhipp

    No Current Record error when closing forms

    Issue *appears* to be fixed by running Update Now, at least for me and my clients whose machine automatically ran the update in the background.
  4. GinaWhipp

    "No current record" error now affecting all versions of my database

    With the reports now coming in, nope not code and certainly not code that has not only been working for years and works fine in earlier versions or files that have not yet been updated.
  5. GinaWhipp

    "No current record" error now affecting all versions of my database

    You are not alone: Note, if you have Access 2010 or 2013 you should be good.
  6. GinaWhipp

    Status of ???

    Hmm, just got an eMail asking me if I had a specific Data Model because that site was unreachable. It was a surprise to me.
  7. GinaWhipp

    Previous versions of Office

    Did you inquire with your IT department (or company)? Sometimes they have old unused version which are perfectly legal they just never used them as some of them buy them in batches.
  8. GinaWhipp

    Sql statement with datediff

    You're welcome. As a side note, whenever you get that message that is the reason. With the Statement you need to change the double quotes to single quotes and only have the double quotes for line continuation. It was thinking your double quotes were at the end of the line and\or Statement and...
  9. GinaWhipp

    Sql statement with datediff

    Try using single quotes.
  10. GinaWhipp


    Hmm, where's the Select which be on the second line, i.e. "INSERT INTO ... "SELECT ...
  11. GinaWhipp

    Field difficulty

    You could be in Layout View.
  12. GinaWhipp

    Dynamic controls..

    And that was my initial thought. They're hidden, how are you going to get them back without some other toggle.
  13. GinaWhipp

    Dynamic controls..

    So perhaps you want a Filter (combo box) at the top to... Show All Show Between From Date and To Date Show On Hold etc... Does make for less clicking if the list is kind of long.
  14. GinaWhipp

    Dynamic controls..

    Hmm, going to need a wee bit more information... Hide customers based on what? And who are you hiding them from? What if you need them back?
  15. GinaWhipp

    Solved Syntax Error

    Your Form name has spaces, change to... DoCmd.OpenForm "[Movie Info 1]" Hmm, is Me.ID a number?
  16. GinaWhipp

    Solved Teachers database RELATIONSHIPS

    Hmm, you are missing some Junction tables. Perhaps this will help...
  17. GinaWhipp

    Record won't delete using db.execute

    Hmm, instead of *query* try MyQuery and lose the parenthesis', so.... Dim MyQuery As String db.Execute MyQuery, dbFailOnError
  18. GinaWhipp

    How to keep the focus in the same position after re-querying a list

    Maybe this will help...
  19. GinaWhipp


    You want assistance but you have not provided an answer to how your subreports are linked to the main report. Without that I can't say why the lines I posted are not working. Better yet, upload your database so we can see what the issue is.
  20. GinaWhipp


    It does not sound like the subreports are linked if they are showing all the records in the subreports. How are they linked? On what field?
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