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  1. Cronk

    Interesting comment from Strategic Investment Conference

    The 2022 Strategic Investment Conference of big finance/corporate currently being held for top finance/investment people. This is from the notes of one of the attendees. One of the speakers, Dr. Frank Luntzy said to think of the US population as one big family. Well, one big dysfunctional...
  2. Cronk

    Medical checkups

    I had a top and end checkup during the week - colonoscopy and gastroscopy. I've reached an age where medical advice is for routine checks - annually for gastroscopy and three yearly for colonoscopy. I've had polyps removed from both ends in the past. Preparation for the gastroscopy is easy -...
  3. Cronk

    Power Usage

    When I got solar panels installed about 18 months ago, I also got a product that measures the power use of various circuits. Usage is measured by CTs (current transformers). So I can measure the power consumed by the AC, the oven and circuits in the kitchen power string. How much power do you...
  4. Cronk

    Writing in CAPITALS

    Many years ago, on forums (not this site) where if anyone wrote in capitals, it was criticized as being seen as shouting. The OP in this thread had all capitals apart from one post. There was no comment made by contributors. Is all CAPS not an issue any more? Just wondering and not that I...
  5. Cronk

    Solved Break key on Microsoft Surface Pro

    I'm currently doing some work on a site where they want me to work on a site supplied Microsoft Surface Pro. There's no Break key. Anyone know the key combination to simulate a Break key press?
  6. Cronk


    I seem to recall in the Access Web ( it was possible to 'plonk' someone so that you could have any post from a person hidden from display. Is there anything similar on this site?
  7. Cronk

    Database corruption – how to cope with users shutting down

    Second time I’ve posed a question on this site. Firstly, by way of background, I was called to a site yesterday, a crisis that the “database had crashed”. The application is used by a local government authority to issue permits for events being held on public land. After first making a...
  8. Cronk

    Code to list command bar controls

    This is not a question but some code which some others might find useful. I have been commissioned to upgrade an MDB database, including installing a customized ribbon menu. While I could see the old existing commandbar structure in 'Add-ins', I also needed to know the call back functions...
  9. Cronk

    Amend a multiple field index

    I had need to add an additional field to an existing multiple field index with 2 fields. This index was not at the end of the index list so I wanted to insert a row. I could see no way to do this and it was faster to delete the existing index and then create it again with the 3 fields. This...
  10. Cronk

    To normalise or nearly normalise?

    I'm about to embark on the development of a new system for the daily rostering of fire trucks. Ordinarily, I'd be aiming at a Roster table along the lines of RosterID PersonID TruckID RosterDate RoleID (as in driver, crew, foam specialist because certain members have different training)...
  11. Cronk

    Different versions of Access on same PC

    I maintain Access systems for clients using different versions of Access. Prior to Access 2007, I had no problems running different versions of Access on the same PC. I'd always install the versions in successive order, and of course, in separate folders. With Access 2007, I found Access...
  12. Cronk

    Administrators - can someone get rid of this troll (hungfirv13)

    Waste of time opening any post of his.
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