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    How to hide a record

    Hello, My question is, can i hide a record when i look it in a form. For example i have a table which has 100 records. Can i make some kind of a check box and if that check box is checked to make the record disappear. I want the record to be in the table but i dont need it in the Form.
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    Open the Form Directly

    Hello, im trying to make my form open directly when i open my access file.accdb. When i double click on my .accdb can it be done to open directly and only my form. I found a way to open my form but it opens the access program in the background.
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    Click on a image opens a folder

    Hello, Can u tell me how can i make a folder from my windows7 opens when i click on a image? thank you : )
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    Most often used data

    Hello, My question is how can i make a query which shows the most used data in a field, i saw how i can show the biggest or smallest but i didn't see how many times is each data used in a field. My field is for years, and i wanna see each year and how many times it is used. Is this possible to...
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    pictures show after information in a field

    Hello, My idea is to have a field in my table that have ratings for example - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. How can i make one star.jpg image to appear when I've entered rating 1, two stars to appear when I've entered rating 2, 3 stars for rating 3 and etc.... Is that even possible? If it isn't is...
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    Most frequently used data in a field

    How can i see the most frequently used data in a field? For example if i have years put in a field, how can i see what is the most frequently used year and also how many times it's used? It will be a plus if i can see all the years in order. Also if i have one field and in that field i have...
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    Picture appear from a text box

    hello how can i make a picture appear when I've entered data in a text box. I tried the code for a check box but it didn't work. Me.Image190.Visible = Nz(Me.checkbox, False)
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    How can I make text appear when I hover over an image

    Hello, how can i make text appear when i hover over a picture? Can i make it appear under the picture? And can i make different text to appear in the different records of the form although it will be the same picture? Thank you again in advance : )
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    IF... then a picture

    hello, how can i make a image appear in my form when there is a check in the check box from the table?
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    Hyperlink button for each record

    Hello, I'm a new user of access and i stumbled on a problem. I created a table about films and i made a form so i can see each movie in a different record. I wanted to create a button which generates a link to the movie's internet website. But when i create a button i cant put a different...
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