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    Error 30001: Arguments are of the Wrong Type

    Hi All, Please help . I received the errors below when i call a stored procedure with input parameters. Error 3001 Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range , or are in conflict with one another The error occured at line Set prm = cmd.CreateParameter("@BordNo", adVarChar...
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    Syntax Error or Access Violation

    Hello All, Please help I received the above error when calling a stored procedure in Access VBA. The error occurred at the line. Please find below the code. Regards and thanks Private Sub RefreshValidationReason() On Error GoTo RefreshValReason_ERR Dim strBordVal As String Dim...
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    Before_Update Event

    Hello All, My validation code in the before_update event is not activated on click of the save button on my form. Please help. My code is below. Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.cboReissueReason.Value = "" Then MsgBox "This is mandatory. Please Select a Reissue...
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    Solved Write Conflict Issue

    Dear All, Could you please help. I ran the below code which ran okay but displays a pop up windows on Write Conflict issue. Please help. Th UpdateReissueStgData was ran okay. Private Sub cmdSave_Click() On Error GoTo Save_Error 'Update reissue data and Set ReissueFlg in dbo.Ledger table...
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    Error 3367 Object already in collection. Cannot append

    Hello All, Please help. Below is my code on click it produced the Error message Error 3367 Object already in collection. Cannot append. Private Sub cmdSave_Click() 'Dim strNewBordNo As String 'Dim strMsg As String On Error GoTo Save_Error 'Dim StrBordNo As...
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    Combo box value not selected when clicked.

    Hello All, I have couple of combo boxes on my form. On click they show the selected values, however they do not allow a value to be selected. Please help. Am a SQL developer. Regards
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    Access Sub form Saying Read-only

    Hello All. I have a checkbox on my form but after checking the box it says the form is read-only. I have placed the below code Me.AllowEdits in the subform Load event, however it did not fix it. Regards
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    runtime error 3011 Microsoft Access could not find the Object

    Hello All, Could you please help. I receive the error message runtime error 3011 Microsoft Access could not find the Object "stgHold" make sure the object exist and that you spell its name and path correctly. Please find below my code. The Error Line: DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport...
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    Hello All. Am a SQL Developer with years of experience. I am fairly new to Access programming. I live in the UK and like travelling, scuba diving and sports.
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