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    hello, introduce my name is joko from south kalimantan in indonesia, i am a policeman but i like and really like things related to making applications, but unfortunately i don't have much time to learn access, i am a beginner but i already know a lot about access, it's just that I can't master...
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    what is the coding format to display the previous and the next records using the F8 and F9 keyboard keys?

    I have a sales form based on the sales invoice number with the name label2 and the list of items will go to the list after there is a payment then I press enter it will switch to the next invoice number automatically. I'm having trouble going back or calling to the previous record what I want...
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    greetings friendship

    very happy to join the forum access word. Introduce me Joko from Indonesia, I want to learn Microsoft Access and need help from friends
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