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    Fake arrests

    Perhaps she shouldn't read this forum.
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    Fake arrests

    Read the preamble to the thread. Bitch is quite mild.
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    Yes that sounds like me.
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    Another measurement significantly improved!

    Was that Sheldon Cooper?
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    What will be on your grave stone?

    Spike Milligan has on his gravestone "I told you I was ill"
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    The Covid cure has arrived!

    I'm too old to change my ways. I am not worried by cancel culture as I haven't anything to cancel, so I shall go on being a racist and bigot, mainly to horrify woke idiots.
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    Books: A Portal into A Different World

    Brother surgeons.
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    Tried 11 yet

    My desktop is not able to upgrade to 11 but my new laptop is OK and I updated it some time ago. Getting my desktop up to 11 is going to be a bit expensive, so I am hanging fire at the moment.
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    I am quite happy to admit that I am a racist. What happens now?
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    Muslims Rioting in Sweden

    As an atheist I couldn't care less which "holy" book was burned. I don't think there is a book for my beliefs.
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    GB News

    You must immediately find several families OF COLOUR and pay them restitution.
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    Off Topic

    If politics in the USA is anything like here in the UK, both sides are liars and manipulators.
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    And the UK has a world champion again...

    My dad was a boxer, and he said, "In America you have to knock them out to get a draw." That was when we used to send British boxers to America.
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    And the UK has a world champion again...

    My dad was a boxer, he fought during the 1920's. In those days he said, "In America you have to knock someone out to get a draw."
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    I'm amazed!

    Here's one that won't. When I had my pulmonary emboli, religion was the last thing on my mind, and I didn't think I would survive.
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    The Oscars

    If you don't want to be the butt of jokes don't go to these BS festivals. My suggestion to those who do, and anybody else, is to make "taking offence" a hate crime, punishable by cancellation.
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    Catholic Priests Abuse - A Whole New Dimension

    I would have done more, but there was an amount of "queer bashing" that used to go on in those days. My biggest regret was not being able to use the full size snooker table.
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    Catholic Priests Abuse - A Whole New Dimension

    When I was about 12/13 I used to go to a catholic club in the basement of a catholic church. I had been an atheist for some time, but the club had a full size snooker table. One evening I was at the club early and while I was leaning over the table This catholic priest came up behind me and...
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    Hail Mary...

    There are some doubts about using aluminium for cooking utensils. Apparently acidic food can react with the metal. I don't know how true this is, but I felt that I should mention it Doc Man.
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    Meet for a Beer!

    I live in New Romney Kent. Over the years I have gradually moved away from London, (Where I was born) to get away from the congestion. As I am 88 in April I will not be joining you, much as I would like to.
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