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    Solved Subform Record Source - Method or data member not found

    I have a dynamic query which is generated by a function (it updates every day). When my parent report loads, I want it to pull in the subreport using this query. Currently, I'm using this code: Private Sub Report_Load() Dim dailyQ As String dailyQ = GetDailies() S_RecurSub.SourceObject =...
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    Query that excludes entries from last year if they have registered for current year

    I am trying to run a query as a mail merge source. The purpose of this query is to pull up a list of anyone who sponsored an event last year, and to exclude from that list anyone who has already signed up to sponsor the event this year. Essentially, I'm filtering to people who sponsored the...
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    Solved Error referring to object in form with query as record source

    I have a continuous form filtered to a query, so that it only shows entries where the inactive box is NOT checked. When I click a button, I want the current record to update to change the value of the inactive field to 'true'. The query which is the record source for this particular form looks...
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    Solved Get value from first column of listbox

    I am basically trying to create my own wizard using an Access form. On the first step, the user needs to make a choice between two types of events. Because this is a wizard, I don't want to store the value they choose in my database, but I *do* need to use the choice to call something else. I...
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    New but excited to learn a new tool

    Hello! I'm an experienced Excel wrangler but only recently learned about the magic of Access through my new job and am LOVING it so far. Now I'm using it to build a database for an event planning business I want to start. Happy to meet you all!
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    Solved DLookup in form with multiple criteria not returning expected value

    I am trying to display information in a form using DLookup based on multiple (in this case two) criteria. The form is linked to an event table but is referencing a related table (in this case, a junction table it shares with a customer table). For the purposes of troubleshooting, I'm using...
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